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GhostBed Venus Williams Legend

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Designed for Recovery & Performance

Every mattress in the Venus Williams Collection includes our exclusive Venus FIT (far infrared technology) Layer, which infuses our proprietary blend of far infrared materials into the mattress to help promote recovery, performance and health.


The Only Mattress Infused With the Power of Far Infrared

✔️Advanced Sleep Technology
Our proprietary Venus FIT Layer is made with a special
blend of far infrared (FIR) minerals, which
absorb your natural body heat as you sleep
and reflect far infrared light back to you. Start
your recovery as soon as you lay down,
using the power of your body’s energy.

  • Interacts with your natural body heat for faster muscle recovery
  • Lab-tested for far infrared emissions
  • Designed for even distribution across your full body as you sleep

Your body generates heat—an average of 98.6° F—as you sleep.

✔️Active Recovery While You Sleep
Ever used a heating pad to help with sore muscles?
FIR therapy is similar, stimulating oxygen and blood
flow through the power of light. It’s a natural and
safe way to help your body recover after a long day.
And with a commitment to great sleep (8-10 hours per
night is Venus’s sweet spot!), the FIR cycle
has plenty of time to refuel you.

The natural minerals infused in our Venus FIT Layer
interact with your body heat. After absorbing
the heat like a sponge, these minerals generate
far infrared light and reflect it back to you.

✔️Better Sleep for Better Performance
Using FIR technology to aid your body’s
ability to recover and rebuild helps you perform
at your peak each day, so you can rest easily
each night. One study showed that athletes experienced
faster recovery of muscle pain, as increased blood flow can
help speed the removal of lactic acid build-up
in your muscles.

Similar to using heat therapy on sore muscles,
far infrared light penetrates deep into your skin,
“warming” your muscles and helping to improve
blood flow and circulation as you sleep.

✔️Wake Up Ready to Tackle Your Day
Far infrared therapy isn’t just for elite athletes.
We all need great sleep—whether you’ve spent your day
out on the court, chasing your kids around your house
or going from meeting to meeting in a high-stress office.
With the Venus Williams Legend, you’ll wake up
rejuvenated and ready for anything.


Sustainable Sleep Made for Champions

All GhostBed mattresses are made with
CertiPUR-US® certified foams, meeting the
highest standards for safety and low-emission

Our exclusive Venus Cooling Cover is
made with REPREVE®, a fiber made from
recycled water bottles and certified by
the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

All GhostBed mattresses are vacuum-packed
and shipped from here in the USA
—meaning less waste and a more eco-friendly
journey to your doorstep.


Power Down With Purpose

Imagine recycling your body’s natural heat to accelerate its recovery… all while you sleep. Each of the Venus Williams Legend’s four layers are intelligently engineered to offer incredible comfort and the most advanced sleep technology.

  1. Venus Cooling Cover — Made from 25% recycled water bottles,
    our cover is a blend of naturally cooling fibers and REPREVE®,
    a unique and super-soft recycled fiber.
  2. Venus FIT Layer — 2" of gel memory foam, infused with our
    proprietary far infrared materials to help improve
    blood flow, recovery, performance and general
  3. Ghost Bounce Layer — Exclusively ours, the 2" Ghost Bounce layer is
    responsive like latex, yet contouring like memory foam.
    Ghost Bounce has been carefully crafted and tested
    over years to support every inch of your body.
  4. High-Density Base Foam — 8" of premium foam creates a durable
    base layer of long-lasting support.


Cool Under Pressure

 The Venus Williams Legend is as cool as its namesake. Not only do your muscles get TLC thanks to the power of far infrared, we’ve included 3 layers of cooling, so you stay comfortable all night long.

  • Venus Cooling Cover
    To create the silky-soft Venus Cooling Cover,
    we took a naturally-cooling fabric and made it even better,
    weaving in our luxurious cooling fibers.
    (Bonus: It’s made from 25% recycled water bottles!)

  • Venus FIT Layer
    Although it mimics the effects of heat therapy,
    far infrared light won’t make you feel hot.
    As your blood flow and circulation improve, your
    body can better regulate its temperature, so you
    can say goodbye to overheating.

  • Gel Memory Foam
    Our open-cell gel memory foam allows
    for better air circulation than traditional foam,
    while the infused gel absorbs and draws heat
    away from your body.

How the Venus Williams Legend Feels

The Venus Williams Legend offers incredible coolness and contouring comfort, with a medium feel.


We created a proprietary blend of far
infrared minerals, which act like a sponge to
absorb and react to your natural body
heat, reflecting it back to you
as health-promoting far infrared light.


Gel memory foam is pretty incredible to
sleep on, and we’ve made this layer of the
mattress even better by infusing it with our
special blend of far infrared minerals.
With an even distribution from head to toe,
you’ll get all the benefits of recovery
as you sleep.


Designed to help your body rebuild and
re-energize, our far infrared technology materials
can increase blood and oxygen flow,
helping you sleep better, recover
faster and wake up feeling like a champion.




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