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What Living Room Design Style Best Suites You | Sleep Galleria | Sleep Galleria

What Living Room Design Style Best Suites You | Sleep Galleria


What Living Room Design Style Best Suites You

Start decorating a home you'll love. Find out which design style best suits you today.

Living rooms are where we spend a great deal of our time. It’s more than just a room. It’s a community center for your family, friends, and loved ones. At the same time, it can be a place of solace for you to relax in solitude. It serves several purposes, all of which add joy and value to your life. Either way, it’s a place where we make memories that we’ll cherish forever.

Whether you’re moving into a new place, or just wanting to change up your current living room, there are tons of themes and design styles you can choose from. Each one will give your living room energy that’s represented in the features and style of the room. Choose one theme or mix and match your favorite elements from multiple themes to create a unique style that’s truly your own.

To save you the trouble of tracking down all the best living room designs, we did it for you. We collected the top 25 living room designs recommended by room designers and interior decorators. All of the classic and most popular icing room styles are represented in our list to give you plenty of options. Here are the 25 living room designs that you can use to spruce up your living room.

1. Traditional

The traditional design is a living room design style that is classic. Its concepts build upon the living room styles of the 18th and 19th centuries. Traditional living room decor uses fine craftsmanship with finished wood tones and furnishings. Consider purchasing a sofa or loveseat, like the Peak Sofa. It comes in a variety of wood finishes to choose from, like back and walnut. It’ll make a perfect addition to any traditional living room theme ideas.

2. Contemporary

Contemporary living room designs are sometimes mistaken as modern living room designs. Contemporary designs and living room decor are ones that are most current and still evolving. This gives the style a flexible and fun feeling because it can change with the times. It often combines several design styles into one, so you can mix and match as you go.

3. Art Deco

The art deco living room design style has been around since the 1920s. It’s known for having bright colors and geometric shapes. Art deco style uses bright complementary colors that electrify the room with vibrant energy. It often incorporates glamorous artwork and fixtures, with gold and silver accents that shine and reflect the light in the room.

4. Asian

The Asian design style is made up of clean lines, ornate details, and bright colors. It often uses floral accents, like wallpapers and floral living room decor. A nice pedestal recliner with an ottoman can be a great addition. It gives your living room a splash of color while adding clean lines to the room as somewhat of a functional art piece.

5. Bohemian

The bohemian living room design style is sort of whimsical and free. It uses a mix of colors, patterns, and textures to create a truly unique setting. It’s known for having room accents like wall tapestries that create colorful backdrops of inspiration and whimsy. It’s also known for comfortable throw blankets like the Weekender Sherpa.

6. Coastal

Coastal designs play on light and bright colors to simulate the outdoors. Natural and woven materials are common to create visual textures in the room. There are usually a lot of blues and greens along with beach-style art and living room decor. This gives the space an open and airy feeling that mimics the entire beach atmosphere. Coastal and tropical design styles are very similar, but slightly different, with coastal styles relying less on bright tropical colors.

7. Cottage

The cottage living room design style is sometimes referred to as cottagecore. It takes advantage of soft color palettes that are accented by warm tones. It uses stone, iron, wood, and other natural elements that were used in original cottage designs. The cottage design is one of those living room theme ideas that work best with neutral furnishings. Adding a sofa or loveseat that comes in stone and other naturalistic colors is a great place to start.

8. Country

The country living room design style is another classic. It has farm-like features that represent the country lifestyle. It’s known for pairing natural elements with pastel colors. Exposed beams, wood floors, and unpainted brick are all features of the country-style living room. Blue and white furnishings and other living room decor are great ways to add color and country charm.

9. Eclectic

Eclectic designs use a theme of coordinated chaos. They combine different textures and design styles to create one-of-a-kind living room spaces. There is a lot of room for creativity when putting together an eclectic living room design. Mix and match different styles of fixtures and furnishing to achieve the eclectic look. This is the perfect style to use a beautifully crafted recliner as an accent piece in the room that you can also enjoy relaxing in.

10. French Country

French country is similar to the country living room design style, with a touch of France. It’s almost like being on a farm, villa, or vineyard in the French countryside. There is usually a mix of light colors, natural wood fixtures and accents, and exposed beams in the ceiling. You can highlight the French country design in your living room by adding pieces of antique wood furniture to really bring the feelings of France into your home.

11. Hollywood Glam

Hollywood glam is one of the most fun living room theme ideas. It embodies the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle. It uses rich colors and often features gold or silver accents. The walls are usually decorated with bold artwork that makes a statement to the entire room. Getting a sofa with rich textures like cashmere, and color  schemes like cognac, are great ways to glam up your living room.

12. Industrial

The industrial style is another one of those classic living room theme ideas. It’s a design that is modeled after urban city-living, giving your place a city-like environment even you’re out in the suburbs. It uses darker colors and a mix of metal and wood to create an industrial vibe. Things like exposed beams, smoked glass, and exposed ductwork or pipes all add commercial characteristics to the space. Consider furnishings with colors like charcoal, gunmetal grey, and steel.

13. Mediterranean

The Mediterranean style uses natural decor and warm colors. Wood and stone are often incorporated into the decor. Vases and pottery with Mediterranean designs are great ways to keep the theme uniform throughout the room. Light is optimized in the room by allowing in as much sunlight as possible. Using light-colored furniture, like white and cream colors, helps reflect the sunlight and brighten the space naturally.

14. Midcentury Modern

Midcentury modern style is neat and tidy. It’s a design style that originated during the late 20th century. It’s still widely popular and recommended by many room designers. Interior decorators say it combines clean lines and colorful furnishings for a pleasantly sleek visual aesthetic. Look for furniture that comes in bright colors, like ruby or baltic. They make great focal points in the room by adding colorful energy that you can feel the moment you walk in.

15. Minimalist

The philosophy of minimalism believes that there is more living with less stuff. Therefore, the minimalist design style is very simple. It’s designed for function and form, allowing you to enjoy your space without any distractions. This usually results in having a minimal amount of furniture, room decor, and other room accents. Minimalistic furniture often has exposed legs that create more visual space in the room. Minimalistic styles only add pieces of furniture to the room that have a purpose. Rooms will often not have much table space or storage to avoid the build-up of clutter.

16. Modern

Modern design is characterized by simple colors and elegant fixtures. It’s one of the easiest and most popular design to accomplish. Clean lines and bright walls create the feeling of extra space. This gives the room a feeling of airiness that allows for a relaxed mind and smooth breathing. Pairing lightly colored furniture with one or two complementary color throw pillows is a great way to add a splash of modern design to any living room.

17. Moroccan

The Moroccan design style uses elaborate woodwork as the highlight of the room’s features. This can be seen in the arms of chairs or sofas, as well as the frames of paintings or other wood art pieces. Artwork and other room accents feature detailed patterns to add texture and depth to the room that make it feel intricate yet comforting. Ornate fixtures are used to complement the lavish vibes of the room and give it a royal feeling.

18. New Traditional

The new traditional style living room theme is a mixture of both contemporary and traditional living room styles. It brings the best of both together in a way that makes most room designers love it more than either of the other two design styles alone. Much attention is paid to architectural features, like crown molding and chandeliers. Clear furniture from contemporary design is often paired with comfortable and traditional sofas or loveseats. This mix of styles is something you and your guests are going to love every time you enter the room.

19. Old World

Old-world design blends natural finishes with European accent pieces. Wood and stone are often used together to create a naturalistic vibe in the room. This can be seen in the room’s fixtures and walls. Adding a stone accent wall to a room is an excellent way to make your living room have more of an old-world style. European artwork, antiques, and window coverings are excellent ways to give your living room an old-world style makeover.

20. Rustic

Nature is the focus of the rustic living room design style. Furniture in the room is positioned to provide the best view through the windows. Letting in sunlight to naturally brighten the room gives way to several earth tones and colors that mimic the feeling of the outdoors. Coffee tables, end tables, and other pieces of furniture are often made of raw pieces of wood that really bring the outdoors inside. Animal prints and sculptures are used to further simulate the feeling of being outside while you lounge in your living room.

21. Scandinavian

Scandinavian living room themes are modeled after designs from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. They’re most known for using neutral wall colors and wood tones that give a classic natural-like feel to the room. This is accomplished with hardwood floors and exposed wooden beams. At the same time, they add in modern furniture designs that bring the entire room together with a clean and visually appealing energy.

22. Shabby Chic

The shabby chic room aesthetic focuses on light colors to create a casual and comfortable environment. White, cream, and beige-colored furniture is utilized to add warmth to the room. Furniture is often complimented by using pillows and blankets made of different fabrics. Shabby chic living rooms are usually described as having a curated look that is still inviting and cozy.

23. Southwestern

Nothing says Southwestern design like stucco and terra cotta. These colors and textures bring the architectural designs of the Southwest to no matter where you are. The rest of the room’s color schemes in Southwestern styles are vivid and highlight several earth tones. Colorful accent furniture pieces can be added to the room to give it an additional flare of bright and happy colors that promote positive energy.

24. Transitional

Transitional design is a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. It’s essentially a transition between the two in a way that compliments the strengths of both styles. Light color palettes are used to create a balanced blend of both styles in the room. Mixing up different pieces of traditional and contemporary style furniture goes a long way in adding transitional style to your living room.

25. Tropical

The tropical living room style uses coastal colors like sand, beige, and blue to bring breezy beach vibes into the room. It’s very similar to the coastal design style, but the color choices differentiate itself into a category of its own. Bright tropical colors are often seen in pieces of furniture and other room decors. Plant prints, like palm trees are used with other nature features like driftwood and seashells that and life an energy into the space.

No matter what living room theme you decide to go with, there are always to add your special style to each theme. Even if you have a piece of furniture, artwork, or other decors that doesn’t match the exact style you’re looking for, you don’t have to leave it out. Keep that old coffee table. Put up that funky painting you got a killer deal on at the thrift store. Do whatever makes you happy to be in the space you’re living in.

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