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Best Massage Chairs for 2022 | Sleep Galleria

Best Massage Chairs for 2022

Best Massage Chairs for 2022

Top Models & Best New Model Massage Chairs for Every Need

At Sleep Galleria, we did a great deal of research in determining what massage chair brands we really felt were elevated above the rest.  In the end, only a few brands met our stringent standards for quality and durability.      

Here are our top recommended massage chair models for 2022:

Best Value Massage Chair

Ergotect ET-150:  This model offers the basics you need from any massage chair.  Zero gravity, blue tooth speakers, heated back, among many other smaller finishes that make this massage chair stand out.  Combined with an unbeatable price point this chair gives you everything you need to relax & restore.  

Retail price: $1599 BUY NOW

Best Premium Massage Chair

Brookstone BK-250: This model is one of the introductory models from the premium Brookstone brand, and is there newest design in this price range.  If you are looking for a more relaxing and gentle massage this chair provides a human like feel with a sleek look and advanced technology features.  The technology has some of the best massage transitions out of any chair brand we have tested.  This chair also has a great stretch program that helps with pliability.  

Retail Price:  $3,499 BUY NOW

Best Luxury Massage Chair

Cozzia Qi SE This chair provides advanced technology features and a luxury feel without the $10,000 price tag.  This model combines intuitive tablet controls, one of a kind 4D Vario Motion massage, and advanced algorithms to provide an impressive combination of human like massage along with an exceptional 3 year parts and labor warranty. 

Cozzia Qi SE Video Review

Retail Price $6,499  BUY NOW

Read our in depth review of the Cozzia Qi SE

Best Ultra Luxury Massage Chair

Osaki OS Pro Maestro 2.0 Limited Edition.  The Maestro 2.0 has created a new model chair that is the pinnacle of massage chair technology today.  With a 4D design, and 8 levels of adjustable controls to increase or decrease the intensity, this chair is ideal for those that want the ability to deliver a truly a therapeutic massage experience.  The new Maestro 2.0 also adds a redesigned massage mechanism, improved and more noticeable 4d speed adjustments, wireless charger, enhanced heated rollers, advanced tablet display, and improved foot massage.  

Osaki OS Pro Maestro 2.0 Limited Edition Video Review

Retail Price $9,499 BUY NOW

Read our in depth review of the Maestro 2.0 Limited Edition

Best Overall Massage Chair

Osaki OS Pro Admiral:  The newest Osaki OS Pro Chair the Admiral combines sleek lines with state of the art technology.  We have found our consumers love the 16 auto programs, true therapeutic kneading massage, and 3D functions to control the intensity that come with the chair as well.  We consider this to be our best chair in the showroom factoring price, durability and quality. 

Retail Price $4,399  BUY NOW

Read our in depth review of the Osaki OS Pro Admiral

Best Stretching Massage Chair

Osaki OS Pro Paragon.  This chair is a new design released in 2020, and combines a variety of advanced features unavailable until very recently.  Voice activated controls, heated foot massage, back calf rollers, along with many of the other features you find in top end model massage chairs.  This chair is a space saving design, utilizes an advanced 4D massage mechanism, and has the best foot and calf massage in the industry today.  The stretch programs on this chair are unparalleled and give you a full body stretch from your head to your feet. 

Retail Price $5,999 BUY NOW

Read our in depth review of the Osaki OS Pro Paragon

Best Made in Japan Massage Chair

Inada Lupinus Robo:  The all new Inada Robo marks the first major redesign of the Inada brand massage chair in over a decade.  Nearly every feature you find in a modern massage chair today was innovated by the Inada Dreamwave.  The Dreamwave was so popular it is still for sale today.  In every way the Dreamwave innovated the industry the new Inada Robo stands to do the same.  Advanced AI, real kneading five finger massage, advanced health diagnostics, and facial recognition are just a few of the features that make this chair one of a kind.  This chair is 100% Made in Japan and is for those that want unrivaled craftsmanship and the most advanced technology in the world.  

Retail Price:  $11,999  BUY NOW

Best Big & Tall Massage Chair

Titan Jupiter XL. This chair was built from the ground up to accommodate taller and heavier builds.  It combines an exceptional array of massage features.  The chair is a premium price point. The Titan Jupiter XL combines 3D massage with an array of unique features including a head air compression massage.  If you are looking for a value priced big and tall chair we recommend the Ootori A900.  If you want to an alternative to the Titan Jupiter XL the Cozzia 630 is another great pick.

Retail Price:  $4,299  BUY NOW  

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