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10 Ways To Improve The Design of Your Bedroom | Sleep Galleria

10 Ways To Improve The Design of Your Bedroom

10 Ways To Improve The Design of Your Bedroom

Improve the design of your bedroom with these ten easy bedroom design hacks.

Your bedroom should be the ultimate place for rest and relaxation. We spend one-third of our life sleeping, most of which is in our own bedroom. This doesn’t even include all the other time we spend in our bedrooms throughout the day. It’s the place where we wake to greet the day. The design of your bedroom is the first thing that welcomes you each morning. It’s where a lot of us get ready for work or escape for a few minutes of peaceful solitude.

These are all reasons why it’s important to improve the design of your bedroom. Doing so can have positive impacts on your physical and mental health. In a time when people have spent more time indoors than ever before, it’s critical that our bedrooms provide us with security and coziness. Luckily it’s easy to improve your bedroom design without making any drastic changes, or spending a lot of time or money.

10 Ways To Improve The Design of Your Bedroom

1. Clean Up The Space

The easiest way to improve your bedroom design is to keep it clean. Having a tidy bedroom doesn’t just improve the aesthetics of the room. It also makes the room more hygienic, which improves the air quality, impacting your physical health. Another benefit to cleaning up your bedroom is the mental health benefits of having a clean space. It’s easy to overwhelm our senses by having too many smells or sights in a room. Clean up your bedroom is also one of the fastest ways to improve your bedroom without spending much time or any money.

2. Refresh Your Walls

Refreshing the walls of your bedroom with new decor or a new splash of color does a lot for the overall design. Hanging a new piece of framed artwork can add life and color to the room. You can always move a piece of art from another room into your bedroom as a quick no-cost way to spruce your bedroom walls up. Putting up a mirror on the wall will add extra depth and increase the light in the room. Painting an accent wall a new color will also change the energy of the room.

3. Keep Your Pillowcases Fresh

This is a way to improve the design of your bedroom without taking much time. Most people don’t realize how the freshness of a pillowcase can impact their sleep and bedroom design. You can keep your pillowcases fresh by switching them out with a second pair that is a different color or a different pattern. This changes up the visual aspects of the room. You can also keep your pillowcases fresh by cleaning them often. At a minimum, you can throw your pillowcase in the dryer on high for 5 to 10 minutes. This helps reduce allergens, and gives your pillowcase a fresh feel without the time it takes for a full wash. You’re sure to be surprised at how much a fresh set of pillowcases can quickly improve your bedroom design.

4. Add Some Plants

Adding plants to your bedroom is one way to instantly improve your bedroom design and much more. Having a plant in your bedroom helps purify the air and provides you with fresh oxygen. Even a small plant will help clean the air in your bedroom. The more plants you can add to your room, the cleaner the air will be, but start slow. Adding one to your bedside table or dresser is an easy place to start. You can always hang plants from the ceiling or put them on shelves, which brings us to our next bedroom design hack.

5. Put Up Some Shelves

Putting up shelves follows the same principles of refreshing your bedroom walls, with an added bonus. As we mentioned in the last design tip, you can use a shelf to add a plant to your bedroom. You can also use it to display something that brings you joy. This could be a picture of you and your family, your fur-baby, or anything that makes you smile and inspires you. Being able to walk into the room and see something that makes you smile will instantly improve the design of your bedroom.

6. Create A Better Work And Life Balance

If you’ve had to convert space in your home for remote work, like turning a part of your bedroom into a home office, you’re not alone. Remote work is becoming more common but finding space at home can sometimes be challenging. Many of us have resorted to working in our bedrooms which can make it difficult to separate the bedroom from the boardroom. It’s best if you can not work in your bedroom at all. However, if you must, then find a way to separate it from the other areas of the room. Work in one designated corner and space. This will help your subconscious tell the difference between being at work and being at home.

7. Get A New Mattress

Your mattress is the focal point of your bedroom. It sets the tone for the room and your sleep quality. Getting a new mattress can improve the design of your bedroom and the quality of your sleep at the same time. Both of which can positively impact your health in multiple ways. If it’s been a while since you purchased a new mattress, you’re likely missing out on some of the newest sleep features. Changing your bed position is another way you can switch things up if you already have a new mattress.

8. Change The Lighting

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve your bedroom design is to change the lighting. You can brighten things up or dim the lighting depending on the vibe you’re going for. Ambient lighting is typically best for creating a relaxing vibe. Overhead lighting is better suited for focus and completing tasks. You can switch between lighting styles by changing the light bulbs, or by adding or removing different light fixtures and furnishings.

9. Cozy Up With More Blankets

Blankets can add an extra cozy feel to any room and they’re an easy way to change your bedroom design quickly. Switching out comforters and blankets with different designs every few weeks or every month is a great way to change the visual appeal of your bedroom. The new visual stimuli can give a feeling of freshness to the room that you’re sure to notice right away.

10. Switch Up Your Sheets

Sheets can say a lot about the room even if you don’t see them immediately. You’ll be surprised at how good a fresh set of sheets can make you feel when you get into bed at night. New sheets might not change the immediate visual aspects of your bedroom, but they will change how you feel in your bed. Even just washing your sheets often can give your bedroom an extra feeling of freshness that lasts for days.

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