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Best Massage Chairs 2022 - Top 10 Picks | Sleep Galleria

Best Massage Chairs 2024 - Top 10 Picks

A lot goes into finding the best massage chairs every year and we're proud to announce we've found the winners of our top 10 best massage chairs for 2024. We sacrificed no details when it came to comparing pricing, features, and consumer reviews. You can find fully published reviews of some of our best massage chairs below, and you can check out our Massage Chair Buying Guide to learn more about what makes massage chairs so great, besides all of their health and wellness benefits.

  1. Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Massage Chair

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The Master Drive AI is at the top of our list of best massage chairs for being an all-around outstanding purchase. It gives you a combination of cutting-edge technology and innovation, with 20 plus years of massage chair experience. You'll notice the moment you sit down that you'll be the master of your massage domain.

Let the AI do the work by using Ogawa's proprietary body scanning technology partnered up with Chair Doctor. Chair Doctor is a specially designed program that uses high-tech sensors to scan your body and location areas of stress and tension. It's like having the hands of an experienced masseuse help you take care of tight and tense muscle areas you may have not even known are there.

Tie in features like 4D Vario Motion Intelligent Rollers, a spine pampering SL-Track, and extra quiet brushless motors and you're setting yourself up for a relieving and peaceful massage experience.

Explore more details about the Master Drive AI in our review, and learn more about all of Ogawa's massage chairs in our Ogawa Massage Chair Buying Guide.

  1. Cozzia Qi XE CZ-716 4D Massage 

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Cozy on up to the Qi XE CZ-715 by Cozzia. This one's going to fit you like a warm glove with tri-zone heat that will melt your tension away in your back, knees, and calves after every long day. 4D massage technology with humanistic quad massage rollers gives you a professional masseuse-like massage.

The dual-action air compression sleeves work fast to give your arms an instantaneous relaxing squeeze, quickly working away any stress or pain in your muscles. Then it's back to more triple action with the tri-action foot rollers. They use not one, but two levels of shiatsu foot rolling. Then it's combined with immersive air pressure massage that, together, creates a deep tissue level of foot massage that gives you all the benefits of reflexology.

Explore more details about the Cozzia Qi XE CZ-715 in our review, and learn more about all of Cozzia's massage chairs in our Cozzia Massage Chair Buying Guide.

  1. Brookstone Mach IX

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Check out the luxurious Mach IV by Brookstone and prepare to be blown away. It’s easy to see how it makes our Top 10 list with its long resume of advanced features that would have any massage chair fan at the edge of their seat, to get into this one. 12 automated massage programs work with 4D Vario Motion massage rollers to give you the absolute best in modern chair massage.

The 54-inch SL-Track massages along the natural shape of your spine from your head, down to your neck, shoulders, back, and under your glutes for an all-over release of body tension. Relief and stress and pain with an advanced back scanning sensor that detects your unique size and shape for one of the most accurately customized massages you’ll ever find.

Learn more about all of Brookstone's massage chairs in our Brookstone Massage Chair Buying Guide.

  1. Osaki OS Pro Admiral

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Take command of your relaxation, health, and wellness with the OS Pro Admiral by Osaki. When Osaki says Pro they mean it. This massage chair is loaded with professional-grade air compression, L-Track, and foot massage, with 16 automatic massage programs and six massage types to choose from.

It has all the latest advancements in zero gravity technology and features a back scanning mode to personalize massage for your unique points of pressure. It also comes with enhanced sounds that work as sound therapy, which has been shown to help reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and help people sleep at night. Not only will you get a great rejuvenating massage, but you'll also rest easier and recover faster with improve sleep quality.

Explore more details about the Osaki OS Pro Admiral in our review, and learn more about all of Osaki's massage chairs in our Osaki Massage Chair Buying Guide.

  1. Cozzia Qi SE CZ-711 4D L-Track Robotic Massage Chair

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One more Cozzia massage chair made our top 10 list and it's a robot! The Qi SE CZ-710 4D Robotic Massage Chair that is! What happened to easy robot names like R2-D2 and C-3PO? All jokes aside, this premium massage chair from Cozzia is most definitely no joke at all. In fact, this massage chair is so advanced, we might be giving it massages in a few years. Ok, enough with the jokes for real this time.

The Qi SE is made for luxury and self-care. It's actually the world's first Vario Motion™ 4D L-track robotic massage chair. It comes with two stages of zero gravity, customized massage programs, deal heat zones, and a unique knee compression massage feature that lets your legs in on the massage party.

Explore more details about the Cozzia Qi SE CZ-710 in our review, and learn more about all of Cozzia's massage chairs in our Cozzia Massage Chair Buying Guide.

  1. Osaki DuoMax 4D Massage Chair

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Intelligent Health Detection.  The DuoMax has advanced capabilities with its built-in health monitor. By detecting various metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and fatigue index , the chair's Ai technology can provide a personalized massage experience tailored to your body's current condition.
With its 4D massage mechanism, users can enjoy a wide range of massage techniques that simulate human-like movements. Its quad precision rollers can adjust their depth and speed, ensuring precise and effective relief for muscle tension and stress.
  1. Ogawa Refresh L Massage Chair

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If you want to be fresh you have to refresh, and nothing will have you feeling more refreshed than a chair massage session in the Ogawa Refresh L. This is one of the most affordable options on our best list and you get a lot for what you invest.

Ogawa made a perfect pair between quad-style rollers and advanced body scan technology to give you a humanistic massage that's customized to your body type. Every time you sit down the chair will scan your body to determine the best quad roller placement for maximum muscle relief.

Learn more about all of Ogawa's massage chairs in our Ogawa Massage Chair Buying Guide.

  1. Osaki JP650 Made in Japan Massage Chair

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Crafted in Japan, the JP650 is a high-tech massage chair designed for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. It features advanced massage techniques, heating therapy, and a variety of auto massage programs to address different needs and preferences. With its sleek design and advanced features, the JP650 is the perfect addition to any home or office space for those seeking a high-quality massage experience.

  1. Titan TI-Pro Jupiter XL Limited Edition Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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The next massage chair on our list comes from the far reaches of space. Not really though. We’re talking about the Titan TI-Pro Jupiter and it comes from the chair massage geniuses at Osaki. This massage chair is larger than life and for good reason. It’s built to accommodate people up to 6’6’’. At the same time, it can still adjust to being the perfect for someone as small as 5’.

This is by far one of the best 2D massage chairs available today. The zero gravity feature fits the space theme, but there’s nothing spacey about how you’ll feel when you recline back to the zero gravity position. Especially when those L-track rollers reprise you by relieving the tension in your back, and then extending down to massage it out of your hamstrings as well.

  1. Osaki Maestro 2.0 AI HealthPro Limited Edition Massage Chair

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Although it is futuristic you’ll feel classical in the Limited Edition Pro Maestro 2.0. Osaki went above and beyond with this one. You're looking at L-Track massage combined with full-body air compression for deep restorative massages. If that wasn't enough, the foot and calf massage features will have your lower half feeling good as new no matter how long your day was.

The whisper-quiet motor ensures you won't be disturbed during the new special time you'll be spending in this chair. Limited edition does mean limited though, so get yours today and do not miss out on what could be the best massage chair purchase you can make.

Explore more details about the Osaki Maestro 2.0 Limited Edition in our review, and learn more about all of Osaki's massage chairs in our Osaki Massage Chair Buying Guide.

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