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Best Adjustable Beds of 2022 - Buyers Guide and Top Picks | Sleep Galleria

Best Adjustable Beds of 2022 - Buyers Guide and Top Picks

Best Adjustable Beds of 2022 - Buyers Guide and Top Picks

Why Buy an Adjustable Bed Base?
Adjustable bases provide lifestyle and health solutions that can impact your quality of life!  Adjustable bases are uniquely positioned to impact our sleep, where we generally are least focused on how we feel.  Your bedroom can be more than a place you just go to sleep, and getting the right base can have a direct and long lasting impact on your quality of life.  Here are just a few of the health benefits you could experience with a new adjustable base.
    • Health Benefits
      • Adjustable bases provide a variety of health benefits that can impact your quality of sleep. Adjustable bases improve your ability to match the natural contours of your spine, and provide you the ability to offer support where you need it the most.
        • Allergy Relief
        • Improve Spinal Alignment
        • Decrease Digestive Issues
        • Reduce Snoring
        • Improve Symptoms of Sleep Apnea
        • Improve Circulation
        • Reduce Pain and Pressure
    • Lifestyle Benefits
      • Our bedrooms are a sanctuary for your sleep, but with the right technology they can be so much more.  Here are just a few lifestyle benefits to an adjustable base.
        • Watch TV
        • Read a Book
        • Morning Coffee
        • Catch up on the News
        • Relaxing massage before bed!
Adjustable Bed Bases - Understanding the Industry
As difficult as it can be to find the right mattress, it can be equally difficult to understand the differences between adjustable bed bases.  Prices for adjustable bases range from extremely low to very high.  While it may seem at first glance that a bed base that moves a mattress need only adjust up and down, new technologies provide a vast array of features that every consumer should be aware of before purchasing.  These technology features can range from app based controls to adjust the bed with your phone to lumbar support features to provide lower back support.  
Quality Build or Marketing Tool?
Adjustable beds are often used in the current retail industry as promotional items to entice the consumer to purchase a mattress.  In fact, many companies offer a free adjustable base with the purchase of a new mattress.  A cursory look at the lowest price adjustable bases out there makes it clear that a "free" adjustable base may not be all it's marketed as.  
In fact, the presence of a "free" adjustable base with the purchase of a mattress should tell you more about the highly promotional nature of the industry than anything else.  The adjustable base is used as a tool to entice a customer into believing there is demonstrable value with their purchase, when in fact it often means the exact opposite.  In addition to the implications for the value of your purchase, a "free" adjustable base often only adjusts at your head, provides lower quality hydraulics and weight lift capacity, along with questionable quality and durability.  
It is our recommendation that when purchasing a mattress and an adjustable base that consumers look at each of these items as separate purchases, and look for the best value with each product they select.  In this buying guide, we will review the different features to look for, include shopping tips and considerations, along with our top picks in each price category.  We hope you enjoy!
Adjustable Bed Bases - Technical Specifications
  • Weight Lift Capacity:  The weight lift capacity of an adjustable base is one of the most over looked technical specs that can impact the quality of the performance of your base.  Low dependability motors combined with low weight lift capacities can lead to bases that adjust very slowly, or in some situations do not adjust at all.  Because the base must lift not only the individual but the mattress as well, many people do not consider how much weight capacity the base practically needs.  We recommend a minimum of 425lb in weight lift capacity per motor, or 850lb weight capacity for a combined unit.  
  • Warranty:  The length and stipulations of a warranty vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next, and limitations of a warranty can lead to surprising expenses.  While a dependable manufacturer delivers consistent performance, any quality of base can have operational issues that need addressed.  A quality warranty will cover parts & labor for atleast the first 3 years, include a minimum 5 years of full parts coverage, and include a structural warranty that protects the consumer from poor construction practices.  
Adjustable Bed Bases - Technology and Features
  • Back Incline
    • Basic back adjustment:  The most basic feature on an adjustable base is the ability to adjust your head.  If you are looking for a basic head only base, ensure the angle of adjustment is significant enough to provide you the adjustment you are looking for.  Many low quality adjustable bases do not provide a fully seated adjustment.  
    • Multi-directional back incline:  Some high end adjustable bases add an extendable back adjustment that creates a more natural seated position when the back of the fully elevated.  This is great to provide a more natural lifestyle environment when seated, and improve your overall experience with the base.  
  • Foot Incline
    • Due to promotional bases in the market, many consumers try to convince themselves a head only base will provide them all the flexibility they need.  The fact is consumer feedback shows that raising your feet significantly improves the experience with an adjustable frame.  In addition to the obvious benefits when sitting up to watch TV, adding a foot adjustment takes pressure off your lower back, slows your heart rate to help you relax, and can dramatically improve circulation.   
  • Positions
    • Pre-set positions:  Premium and luxury bases often times incorporate preset positions with popular positions such as an anti-snore, TV spot, or zero gravity preset adjustment.  
    • Memory positions:  In addition to preset positions many bases offer the ability to update a preset to a new position if you find a better spot after testing the base in your home.  
  • Quiet Motors:  Some adjustable bases make quite a bit of noise during normal operation.  When you test your adjustable base it's important to listen for the noise generated from the base.  
  • App Controls:  If you are like me and keep your phone on you at all times, having a downloadable app that allows you to control your base can be an exceptional feature.  App based controls are especially useful when you have lost your remote.
  • USB Charging Ports 
  • Wall hugger:  A wall hugging base allows the base to be used in a traditional piece of furniture.  As the base will not move forward or backward during normal operation, a wall hugger design prevents the base from hitting furniture and preventing the normal function of the base.
  • Zero clearance:  A true zero clearance adjustable base provides you the ability to adjust the base without any legs attached, requiring "zero clearance" from the frame to adjust as needed.  This feature is especially useful for those with a platform bed, frames with storage or drawers beneath the frame, or other obstructions that could prevent the normal function of the base usually solved by a wall hugger design.  
  • Massage 
    • Single Zone Massage:  Generalized vibration massage  
    • Dual Zone Massage:  Dual zone massage offers separate massage units for your head and feet to allow better targeting when operating the massage
    • Four Zone Massage:  Four zone massage offers two massage units for the head and two for the feet, providing maximimum intensity 
  • Head Tilt:  The head tilt adds an additional articulating point at the head of the base.  This is a great feature to provide a more natural feel and to reduce strain on the neck while you are sitting up to watch TV.  
  • Lumbar Support:  For those with lower back pain, the lumbar support feature adds support into your lower back while you are seated and during normal sleep cycles.  
  • LED Lighting:  Many high quality bases offer an under light to make it easier to move around at night.  This is a great feature if you ever get the urge to use the restroom at night, and don't want to wake up your partner.  
  • Adjustable Height:  A quality frame should be height adjustable to fit the base to your height preferences.  We reccomend bases that are adjustable in 3"-4" increments to maximize the look and feel of your base.  
  • Child safety locks:  An adjustable base is a powerful hydraulic machine that can be dangerous for younger children.  Many quality adjustable bases provide simple child lock controls that enable you to reduce the risk to any children that might get a hold of the controller.  This feature is largely unavailable in lower quality adjustable bases.  
Adjustable Bed Bases - Shopping Tips and Considerations
  • Shopping Tip #1:  The most important consideration with an adjustable base purchase is first determining the dependability and quality of construction that the manufacturer ensures in the construction process.  To cut costs for highly promotional items many manufacturers reduce the specs of the base including limiting the amount of steel in the frame, reducing weight lift capacity and reliability of the motor, and decreasing the length and protections present in the warranty.  
  • Shopping Tip #2:  Look for info on the warranty coverage, weight lift capacity, head only adjustment vs head and foot articulation along with controller features/functionality when comparing options. 
  • Shopping Tip #3:  Beware of companies that offer a free adjustable base with your purchase.  These companies offer a head only adjustable option that has a very basic motor and short lived limited warranty.  These "free" bases are an undesirable solution due to their limited functionality.  Even worse, at many locations the customer is influenced through pushy sales tactics into choosing a different option at a much higher price. We recommend to think of a mattress and base as two separate purchases, and to seek the best value for your purchase with each decision.   
  • Shopping Tip #4:  Consider the 3-4 features you want in a base before going in to shop for your favorite.  If you are buying online make sure to review the manufacturer's information and features list before selecting your base.  Adjustable beds are bulky and changing them out can be a pain, so knowing the full feature list before making your final decision is essential.   


Adjustable Bed Bases - Top Picks
    • Rise to new heights and get the sleep you've always dreamed of with this power base offering adjustable head and foot positioning. Adjust the mattress to eliminate pressure points for a comfortable sleep. Raise your legs to increase blood circulation and relieve pressure on your lower back. Raise your upper body too and sit up in bed for better breathing, essential for those who snore or experience acid reflux. Two USB ports are available for connecting electronics — a plus for convenience.
    • Feature List
      • Head and foot adjustable
      • Wireless backlight remote control
      • 2 USB power ports
      • All steel frame
      • Quick set up
      • Low profile, foldable design
      • Adjustable legs
      • Compatible with all memory foam, wrapped coil, and hybrid mattresses
      • Ships in a box
      • Control the M550 Adjustable Bed Base from your mobile phone with our new Malouf Base app, available only on iOS devices. Built-in Bluetooth® connectivity makes it easy to customize your sleep and relaxation experience. Plus, you can set an alarm through the bed base. Simply select a time and preset or memory position and the M550 will gently raise you up every morning. Additional features include 5 preset positions including Zero Gravity as well as 1 memory position for when you find your own perfect spot.

        The luxurious massage feature gives you 4 programs with 3 intensities. Charge your device with our dual charging ports located on both sides of the base. And the under-bed LED nightlights make it safe and simple to get up during the night without waking your partner. Finally, our wireless remote control features LED backlighting so you can easily find the right button even in the dark.


        • Bluetooth® built-in with customized Malouf Base app, available only on iOS devices
        • 5 preset positions including Zero Gravity; 1 memory position
        • Independent head incline: 0 – 60°, foot incline: 0 – 45°
        • 36 dual-zone massage options: 4 programs, 3 intensities, 3 timers
        • LED backlit wireless remote control; under-bed LED nightlights
        • 2 dual USB charging ports; child-lock safety feature
        • Headboard brackets and 3-inch leg adapters available upon request
        • Top-of-the-line Okin motors; 850-pound weight capacity on all sizes; 20-year warranty
          • TEMPUR-Pedic's most elite power base, combining premium technologies like the QuietMode™ and PerfectSeat™ technology to create the ultimate addition to a holistic sleep experience.
          • Feature List
            • Pre-set positions
            • Memory positions
            • Head tilt
            • LED Lighting
            • Zero clearance
            • Adjustable height legs
            • Extendable head incline
            • Four zone massage
            • Child safety feature

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