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Bed Pillows |  Sleep Galleria's Top 8 Best Pillows for Better Sleep | Sleep Galleria

Bed Pillows | Sleep Galleria's Top 8 Best Pillows for Better Sleep

Bed Pillows |  Sleep Galleria's Top 8 Best Pillows for Better Sleep
Today we will list our pillows by 8 categories with our top pick in each category.
Best Cooling Pillow |  Best Neck Support Pillow  |  Best Memory Foam Pillow | 
Best Natural Pillow  |  Best Down Feather Pillow  |  Best Latex Pillow |
Best Shredded Memory Foam Pillow  |  Best Pillow Overall
Finding the right pillow can be a pain, not only because you have to decide on the right type of pillow, but you also have to figure out the right size and loft of pillow that fits your body type.  Today we are focused on listing our favorite pillows across all of our catalogs.  
  1. Best Cooling Pillow:  If cooling comfort is your priority look no further than the Sealy Response Cooling Memory Foam and Support Gel Pillow.  This pillow has Temperature-responsive Chill(TM) Technology that delivers an instant cooling sensation when you are looking for a refreshing night's sleep. 
    1. Editor's Notes:  This is a very dense pillow, but once you get past the fact this pillow won't be good for pillow fights it quickly grows on you.  I absolutely love the cooling feature on this pillow.  The texture of the pillow feels amazing, and you can instantly tell it is also a high quality.  One of my most recommended pillows!
  2. Best Neck Support Pillow:  The Tempurpedic Neck Pillow provides a contoured, ergonomic design following the natural curve of your body, properly supporting your head, neck and shoulders when you sleep on your back or side. Because it’s designed for precise alignment, you must choose the proper size based on your shoulder dimensions and sleeping position.
    1. Editor's Notes:  Neck pillows can be tricky, and generally we recommend you test in a store, but if you are looking for a pillow focused on neck and spinal alignment this is the one.  Make sure to choose a size to fit your frame.  
  3. Best Memory Foam Pillow:  The Malouf Zoned Dough® memory foam pillow provides the right softness and support, combined with natural aromatherapy. Plush, curve-conforming Dough® memory foam is infused with real lavender oil for cozy, natural relaxation. Lavender has long been used as a natural way to promote relaxation and deep sleep. A mini spritzer bottle of natural lavender aromatherapy spray accompanies the King and Queen size pillows to refresh the aroma.
    1. Editor's Notes:  One of our most popular pillows combining the conforming comfort of memory foam, zoned for breathability, with great options for scenting that add to the therapeutic effect of the pillow.  
  4. Best Natural Pillow:  The Bucky Natural Organic Cotton Buckwheat Bed Pillow provides continuous, pressure relieving support. Even better, the ecofriendly, hypoallergenic buckwheat filling is grown without additives, pesticides, or fertilizers. This 100% organic cotton pillow is perfect for every type of sleeper!
    1. Editor's Notes:  Buckwheat is a very unique feel and can take some time to get used to.  That said, once you adjust there may be no better solution.  I love using their pillow bolsters underneath my lower back during long periods at my desk.  
  5. Best Down Feather Pillow:  Filled with plush down clusters and a unique feather support core, you’ll find the Z™ TripleLayer™ Down Premium Pillow is the stuff of dreams. The unique and supportive design features a top and bottom layer of 90% down and 10% feathers. The inner support core offers a blend of 90% feathers and 10% down. And the gorgeous, natural cover is 100% unbleached, undyed cotton finished with a crisp, breathable percale weave. The premium cotton packaging is designed as a reusable travel tote, perfect for the environmentally-conscious traveler.
    1. Editor's Notes:  If you love the idea of a traditional down feather pillow this one delivers in spades.  The triple layering of the down vs feathers prevents pilling and pokes from the feathers while dramatically improving the sleep surface of the pillow.  This is a traditional pillow so expect a soft fluffy feel.  
  6. Best Latex Pillow: The Stearns & Foster Latex Bed Pillow is an incredible design.  Remain comfortable and supported all throughout the night with this latex pillow. The unique, tech-forward design features a naturally-breathable Talalay latex core, a premium stretch-knit cover made with Tencel and a removable and washable cover. Designed to perform flawlessly in any sleep position, this pillow is as versatile as it is comfortable.
    1. Editor's Notes:  This is a softer pillow that feels buoyant due to it's talalay latex core.  The stretch knit fabric feels incredible, and really helped with my neck pain I had been experiencing during my test period.  Make sure to give this pillow a break in period as it got better after each passing day.  Now one of my top 3 favorite pillows we carry!
  7. Best Shredded Memory Foam Pillow:  Filled with shapeable clusters of shredded Gel Dough® memory foam, the Shredded Gel Dough® pillow offers a cooler, softer memory foam that is breathable, customizable and comfortable. A soft Gel Dough® memory foam sleeve encases the pillow to keep a consistent feel while maintaining the ability to be shaped or molded for optimal comfort.
    1. Editor's Notes:  Our most popular pillow at Sleep Galleria provides the best of all aspects of a pillow.  Soft conforming comfort of a down pillow, cooling features with the bamboo velour cover, along with the stability and pressure relief of gel memory foam.  
  8. Best Pillow Overall:  The Tempur Adapt Pro + Cooling Pillow provides Patent-pending design – conforming TEMPUR® micro cushions on one side and supportive TEMPUR® Technology on the other for personalized comfort and support.
    1. Editor's Notes:  This pillow is my personal favorite!  It is the best combination of cooling comfort along with conforming and reactive support layers that provide a balanced feel all night long.
If you are looking for further education on pillows we will be releasing a full buying guide in the coming weeks!  We comprehensively research all of our products before releasing on our website.  Feel confident if you need a solution now that our top picks are the best of the best out of what we carry.
Dream Easy!
We started Sleep Galleria to make it easy for anyone to experience exceptional sleep.  All of our relaxation and sleep related products are designed to help you be your best self.  Learn more at SLEEPGALLERIA.COM 

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