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12 Best Massage Chairs on a Budget

12 Best Massage Chairs on a Budget

Massage chairs are the best! There’s nothing like coming home after a long day, or even some quick errands, a half-hour in the gym, or just from your massage chair to the door and back again with your food delivery. Looking for the best massage chairs on a budget is easy with this quick guide for finding the right massage chair for your budget.

There are several incredible health benefits of massage chairs, like relieving stress, reducing joint or muscle pain and soreness, headache relief, and more, but you don’t have to break the bank to reap the rewards of a massage chair. Remember that health is wealth, so even if a massage chair may seem expensive, consider it a short and long-term investment in your health that will save you a lot of money over time without unneeded doctor’s visits thanks to the health benefits of massage chairs.

If you need a massage chair right away and don’t have all the cash, that’s ok. We see it all the time, which is why we give customers the chance to buy now and pay over time. Check out our convenient financing options to make your dream massage chair become your reality today,  without having to dig deep in your pockets.

Here’s our list of the Top 12 Best Massage Chairs on a Budget.

  1. Ergotech ET-150 Neptune Massage Chair - Without costing much more you can upgrade from the Ergotech-100 to the ET-150 Neptune for next-level comfort.  This chair adds an L track massage for the glutes and upper hamstring plus five massage styles and 5 full body auto programs.  If you are looking for a model for someone a little taller (over 6 feet) the ET-210 Saturn massage chair will be a great upgrade to consider.  

  2. Svago ZGR Plus SV395 Zero Gravity Recliner - The Svago ZGR Plus combines a modern recliner design with zero gravity function plus a relaxing massage.  If you are looking for a more traditional recliner look with therapeutic features this chair is the perfect fit.  
  1. Osaki OS-Pro Alpina S & L Track Roller Design Massage Chair - If you want luxury features but don't want to spend a fortune on a massage chair this option gives you many top end finishes at a budget price.  This is a premium brand massage chair that will fit into a value budget.  
  1. Svago Lite Zero Gravity Recliner - A stylish chair combined with therapeutic zero gravity effects with heat and massage makes for an excellent choice.  This chair provides many features of the Svago ZGR Plus with a significantly lower price tag.  
  1. TITAN OPTIMUS 3D - Take things up a level without upping the price point with Titan's Optimus 3D. This massage chair fits any budget and uses advanced 3D technology for total relaxation.
  1. Ergotec ET-210 Saturn Massage Chair - This is one of our most popular 2D massage chairs. It uses L-Track technology to massage the  base of your head, all the way down your back, and underneath your glutes to the back of your thighs.
  1. Cozzia CZ-388 2D Massage Chair - The Cozzia CZ-388 Massage Chair offers a humanistic life like massage with advanced algorithms on a budget.  
  1. Ergotec ET-100 Mercury Massage Chair - Our ET-100 Mercury Massage Chair is a great combination of superior massage chair technology and affordability.  This is another traditional recliner look with a therapeutic massage.
  1. Slender Style SL-Track Kahuna Massage Chair HM-5000 - Feel like the big kahuna without a big price tag with the HM-500 Slender Style by Kahuna.
  1. Ador AD-Infinix - The Ador AD-Infinix by Apex gives you an excellent balance between cost and superior relaxation.
  1. Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair - You will sink back into luxury and invest in your health with this Osaki OS-4000T.  This is a classic massage chair with modern updates to ensure you get the most therapeutic massage technology can offer.  
  1. Titan TI-8700 2 Staged Zero Gravity Air Massage Chair - Step, or sit actually, into the future of comfort without overspending with this 2 Staged Zero Gravity Air Massage Chair by Titan.
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