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Sound Therapy for Sleep | Sleep Galleria

Sound Therapy for Sleep

Sound Therapy for Sleep

Lay down and listen up to improve the quality of your rest each night with sound therapy for sleep. The CDC reports that around 70 million Americans have problems sleeping regularly. If you’re one of those 70 million Americans, then chances are, you’re already looking for ways to fall asleep faster or stay asleep longer. The good news is, you may benefit from using sound therapy for sleep, and you’re about to find out how.

You may have heard sound therapy referred to as sound healing. Both of these terms refer to the same method of using sound for therapeutic reasons. There are a few different types of sound therapy. Some have been proven better for sleep than others, and those are the ones we’re going to focus on with our top three sound therapies for better sleep. Some sound therapy methods work better for different people too, so be sure to try more than one to find the best type of sound therapy for you.

  1. Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are an effective form of sound healing for sleep. Expert psychologists have chimed in on this topic several times and confirmed that listening to binaural beats before bedtime can help you sleep better. Binaural beats are listened to using headphones. They play musical tones at two different ranges of hertz in each ear, resulting in a low-frequency tone that relaxes you by lowering the brain’s arousal levels.

  1. Neurological Music Therapy

Using music for therapy is nothing new, but more has been revealed about its science. Sometimes listening to your favorite music, even singing along and dancing can help calm you down. At the same time, it can also hype you up and give you energy depending on what you’re listening to. Try to keep your bedtime playlists limited to the favorite tunes you already find most relaxing for the best sleep results.

  1. Guided Meditation

Listening to a guided meditation before bed is known to be another one of the best sound healing methods for sleep. Research on meditation has shown it helps with reducing stress and lowering levels of anxiety, both of which can help you get some quality shuteye. There are a wide variety of guided mediation apps available to help you in all aspects of your life, including sleep. One of the most famously known is called Headspace, which has meditation programs specifically to help you sleep more soundly.

There are a few other types of sound therapy for sleep, like the Bonny Method, the Nordoff-Robbins approach, and tuning fork therapy. Each one has its technique, but they all work in the same manner of providing soothing sounds to help you sleep naturally.

Sleep podcasts are also gaining popularity in helping sleep sufferers get the best sleep, and most of them are free,  which is a bonus. Creating the right environment for sleep is also important, so make sure to have plenty of cozy pillows and blankets, and a comfy mattress to make your bedtime listening as comfortable as possible.

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