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Massage Chair Comparison:  Cozzia Qi SE vs. Osaki OS Pro Maestro | Sleep Galleria

Massage Chair Comparison: Cozzia Qi SE vs. Osaki OS Pro Maestro

Compare Premier Models from Top Brand Names Osaki and Cozzia
Cozzia Qi SE vs. Osaki OS Pro Maestro
The luxury category for massage chairs has really matured over the last few years.  State of the art massage chair technology in this category combine 4D massage with advanced technology controls to provide you the ultimate in therapeutic benefits. Simple features like HD Bluetooth Speakers and a space saving design are an expectation at this price point, and both of these chairs deliver that and more.   
The Cozzia Qi SE and Osaki OS Pro Maestro provide the ultimate in massage chair technology without going into the stratosphere as it relates to price.
Comparing the Cozzia Qi SE and the Osaki OS Pro Maestro
The Cozzia Qi SE and the Osaki OS Pro Maestro are competitive chairs to each other, so many of the technologies you find in one will be in the other.  As we go through this comparison, we will break down the consistencies between each product along with where each chair differs.  While at the end of this article we provide our recommendation, it is important to emphasize these are both exceptional chairs that present an amazing value despite the luxury price point.
April 2020 Update:  The new Maestro 2.0 Limited Edition model has just been released.  If you would like to learn more about the new 2.0 version we encourage you to go to the Maestro 2.0 product page or read our comprehensive review here.  There are quite a few noteworthy enhancements in this new model.  The original Maestro is still being produced and sold nationwide so this comparison continues to be a relevant and noteworthy article to review as part of deciding on a luxury massage chair.
Cozzia QI SE vs Osaki OS Pro Maestro:  Roller Design
Both chairs use a 4D Quad roller S+L track in the rolling mechanism with heated rollers integrated into the design.  The heated rollers are superior to a generalized back heat and simulate a hot stone therapy as the rollers move up and down on your back.  4D technology means the track can move up and down, left and right, as well as in and out.  In addition, the 4D design provides variability of the speed of the massage within each stroke as it goes through a manual massage or auto program.  The Qi SE provides 4 levels of adjustability in the intensity of the massage, which gives you the ability to change the depth or kneading intensity of the massage by a full 4 inches.  One of the biggest selling points with the Maestro is the intensity or strength of its massage, with a full 8 levels of intensity controls on the depth of the massage.  Where the Cozzia Qi SE exceeds in this category is the advanced design of its speed controls.  Cozzia has trademarked a term called Vario Human Motion, which automatically adjusts the speed and intensity of the massage for the user throughout all of its automated programs.  While the Maestro can provide a definitively deeper massage, the Qi SE wins out in the complexity and human like feel of the massage rollers.  
Cozzia QI SE vs Osaki OS Pro Maestro:  Technology and Advanced Algorithms
Both the Qi SE and the Osaki Maestro provide a robust array of auto programs tailored to a variety of different massage styles.  These styles include kneading, tapping, clapping, swedish and shiatsu massage.  Advanced algorithms are used to help create seamless integrations between the massage styles to more closely simulate a human like touch and feel.  
The Qi SE has a unique custom auto program option that allows you to target specific area or pain points you want to address and creates an instant auto program to reduce the annoyance of adjusting spot massage controls.  One feature we really like with the Maestro is the local zoned auto programs that allow you to focus on your upper or lower back, with several auto program per zoned massage.  Both customization options are nice, but the Maestro's localized programs is a little more user friendly.  A neat technology feature with the Qi SE is the integrated chromotherapy with 7 light programs to choose from.  The light programs are a fantastic way to enhance the massage experience and can add to the therapeutic effect.  
Cozzia QI SE vs Osaki OS Pro Maestro:  Controller Design
The Cozzia Qi wins in this category by a wide margin.  While both chairs have touch screen controls, the tablet display on the Qi is highly intuitive and easy to use.  In addition, the knob control on the Qi SE provides easy one touch access to auto programs, position adjustment, and 4D intensity controls.  The Maestro provides a much more basic hand held LCD remote.  The addition of a USB port is a nice touch on the Maestro, and allows for charging your phone while you operate the chair.  
Cozzia QI SE vs Osaki OS Pro Maestro:  Air Compression Massage
The Qi and the Maestro combine 68 and 64 air bags respectively, far and away superior to other chairs on the market today. 
Calf Air Compression Massage
Starting from the bottom of the chair the kneading calf massage on the Maestro provides a great nuance to an already impressive feature.  The Qi SE takes this a step further and allows you to adjust the position of the calf massage from your knees all the way to the bottom of your calf.  This adjustability provides many additional benefits at customizing the position of the massage.  Lastly, a key selling point of the Qi SE is the heated calf massage.  This is exclusive to the Qi SE and is a great feature for those that deal with joint related knee pain.  
Hip/Shoulder Air Compression Massage
As with the intensity of the massage rollers the Maestro has a greater degree of control in the intensity of the air compression massage.  This is especially felt in the hips and shoulders.  The Maestro also combines a unique rib cage compression that tightens around the ribs to provide an effect similar to being hugged.    
Hand Air Compression Massage
The Maestro uses acupressure points on the hand air compression to promote circulation and additional stimulation during the massage.  The Qi SE has a soft feel in the hand air compression zones, and the difference between each chair on this point comes down to personal preference.    
Cozzia QI SE vs Osaki OS Pro Maestro:  Foot Massage
Both the Qi SE and the Osaki Maestro use advanced reflexology foot rollers to promote improved circulation and decreased pain.  The Maestro uses a full immersion foot massage that provides a stronger roller intensity on the feet.  The Qi SE is open to the feet and provides a different feel than the Maestro.  The Maestro really exceeds in this category and is definitively a stronger massage on your feet.  
Cozzia QI SE vs Osaki OS Pro Maestro: Pricing and Value
The Maestro uses manufacturer's rebates and can have highly variable pricing depending on the time of year. It is very important if you select the Maestro that you check with the retailer via chat or in-store to see if there are any additional manufactuer's rebates currently running.  The Cozzia Qi SE runs a minimum advertised price (MAP) and you will not find it for under it's MAP pricing online.  At Sleep Galleria we guarantee the lowest price before purchase and 90 days after purchase as well to provide you peace of mind with your purchase.
Final Pick:  The Cozzia Qi SE
I personally feel that both chairs provide a compelling value.  If you are looking for the highest intensity massage you will find the Maestro delivers, and has many features that the average massage chair owner would envy.  If you are looking for the ultimate in intensity controls the Maestro's combination of advanced 4D massage features and robust intensity controls is the best chair for a deeper tissue therapeutic massage.  That said, if you are looking for a more intuitive design, greater complexity in the auto programs, and a compelling price point the Qi SE provides a combination of features that is tough to beat. 
Regardless of which chair you select have confidence with these two chairs you cannot go wrong.  Dream Easy!
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