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Best Deals on Massage Chairs | Sleep Galleria

Best Deals on Massage Chairs

With so many to choose from, finding the best deals on massage chairs can be somewhat of a challenge. Now it’s easier than ever because we’ve researched our entire inventory and calculated the price and benefit comparisons for you. We used everything we discovered to collect our Top 5 Best Deals on Massage Chairs below, and we’ve included some benefits of massage chairs you may not know.

Did you know that research shows massage chairs reduce stress by up to 51%? That’s a big deal considering the American Institute of Stress says chronic stress can raise blood pressure, which increases your likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke. In other words, stress can kill, so reducing your stress with a massage chair may actually save your life.

In addition to dramatically reducing levels of stress, massage also reduces back pain, anxiety, and migraine headaches. As if that isn’t enough reasons to get the perfect massage chair, there are literally a multitude of ways you benefit from a daily session in your massage chair. Here is  more information about how massage chairs can benefit your quality of life, here’s a detailed list of 22 health benefits of massage chairs.

Another fun fact about massage chairs is that the very first massage chair was invented in 1954. We’ve come a long way since then, and the features of massage chairs have only improved over time, making them even more valuable for all of us who need regular massages.

Not that you needed any, but now you know even more reasons to get yourself a massage chair. With these Top 5 Best Deals on Massage Chairs, you will be able to rest and relax in comfort and style while taking advantage of the numerous health benefits of massage from the comfort of your own home, without overspending.

  1. Osaki OS-Pro Omni L Track Roller Massage Chair

This Osaki OS-PRO Omni with L Track Roller is one of the best-priced massage chairs we carry when looking for getting the most out of your money without sacrificing any comforts.


The Titan Optimus 3D has everything you need in a great massage chair, for a steal of a deal compared to other 3D massage chairs.

  1. Real Relax® Favor-06 Massage Chair

The Favor-06 by Real Relax is only a couple hundred dollars more than the previous Favor-05 model. It comes with a whole suite of new perks and upgrades, making it one of the best deals on deals around.

  1. Power 2D Massage Chair + Heat + Bluetooth + L Track

Number 4 on our list is one of Sleep Galleria’s own! With an advanced L Track, adjustable heat settings, and programmable bluetooth, this is one of the best 2D massage chairs you can find, and for one heck of a deal too.

  1. Real Relax SS01 Shiatsu Massage Chair

Getting an SS01 Shiatsu by Real Relax is like signing up for spa services at an incredible discount! Easily one of the best-priced massage chairs we have for the features included.

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