Titan RT-M02 Vending Machine Massage Chair

by Titan
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  • Deep Tissue Masssage.
  • Easy to Program.
  • Warranty covers 3 year parts 
  • Control Recline 
  • Control Dollar and Minutes
  • Earn extra income at your business
Titan RT-M02
  • Symmetric six-wheel massage roller head unit massages all major points throughout the back. Designed to cover a full range of motion, from neck to waist.

    The roller head system is designed to adjust to the curvature of any individuals back. Resulting in a more consistent pressure during the massage.

    Capable of Kneading, Shiatsu and Synchronization (wave like motion with tapping). The speed of motion and action can be controlled simply by pressing a single button on the remote.

    The chair is covered with a highly durable synthetic leather which is easy to clean and sustains its rich color far better than typical leathers, that dry and crack over time.

    The chair is designed so that maintenance and repair are easily done in a short period of time. Built with very few components, reducing the time to trouble shoot any problems.

    In the leg massage portion of the chair there are airbags that contract, which promotes better blood circulation and relieving the fatigue in the legs and feet.

    The frame work is solid steel construction for dependability and strength. The arm rests are covered by a highly durable plastic, easy to clean and maintain.

    For comfort the chair is fully automatic making simple and convenient when reclining or getting to the upright position.

    The bill collector has a built-in money counter that can be displayed on the external monitor without having to open to collection unit.

    • The owner has the option to determine the rate to charge per minute.
    • The chair is equipped with 2 roller wheels at the back of the chair for easy mobility.
    • The sides are available in a simple metallic or wood trim to match the arm rests.

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