Tempur-Pedic Contour Breeze Side to Side Pillow

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Our cuved pillow for side sleepers, with the added benefit of a TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling Gel Layer on top, brings you firmer support for your neck and a softer center to cradle your hear. Low and high profiles fit your body size.


  • TEMPUR-Breeze Gel Layer helps keep you comfortable during the night
  • Supportive TEMPUR material throughout targets your head and neck and the softer TEMPUR material inlay adds comfort where your head rests
  • Breakthrough design offers both low (4.125" in height) and high (4.75" in height) sleep profiles
  • Ergonomic curved shape for even support as you move from side to side
  • 100% premium knit cover that is soft and breathable
  • Removable and washable cover


Firm support at edge and softer center


Side sleep

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