rareEssence Divino Perfume


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Divino [di-vee-no] from the Italian meaning Radiant, Dazzling, Inspired

A light and peppery fragrance, bright and blithe with a hint of spice. Think a sun soaked day in a Venetian spice market. Key notes of angelica root, frankincense, and oak moss with vibrational flower essences of sunflower to inspire feelings of radiance and compassion.

Made from 100% pure essential oils, each rareESSENCE perfume is a scent for mind, body, and soul. Sourced close to the distillers, and hand blended in small batches by American Artisan perfumers.


  • Roll-on-1 × 1 × 3.5625 in
  • Spray-1.5625 × 1.5625 × 4 in


  • Roll-on
  • Spray


  • Roll On-.33 oz
  • Spray-1 oz

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