rareEssence Amani Perfume


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Amani [ah-mah-nee] from the Swahili meaning Peaceful, Tranquil, Harmonious

A sea-like fragrance, clear and tranquil with a hint of woody spice. Think driftwood off the Swahili coast. Key notes of Australian blue cypress, ylang ylang, and sandalwood with added vibrational flower essences of dogwood to inspire gentleness and inner harmony.

Made from 100% pure essential oils, each rareESSENCE perfume is a scent for mind, body, and soul. Sourced close to the distillers, and hand blended in small batches by American Artisan perfumers.


  • Roll-on-1 × 1 × 3.5625 in
  • Spray-1.5625 × 1.5625 × 4 in


  • Roll-on
  • Spray


  • Roll On-.33 oz
  • Spray-1 oz

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