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Paramount Joma Billie Extra Firm Mattress

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Exclusive to Paramount Sleep company®, the Kiwi collection brings you the unparalleled comfort and peace of mind that only nature’s finest fiber can offer. Kiwi collection mattresses are made with Joma Wool® – pure, crimped New Zealand wool – the gold standard in bedding.

Joma Billie Extra Firm Mattress, by Paramount

Wool is known as one of the world’s healthiest and most comfortable bedding materials. Numerous studies have shown that wool’s natural support characteristics, insulating properties and ability to breathe result in more peaceful and restorative sleep.

Joma Wool naturally traps air to create a stable microclimate for all night thermal comfort. It feels extra soft and springy, and resists compression over time. Joma Wool also repels liquid, but absorbs vapor so you never feel clammy or damp. It traps dust and mold spores before you breathe them in and resists burning without the need for harmful chemicals.

Temperature Regulation

New Zealand Wool & Cashmere Blend

New Zealand sheep wool naturally regulates temperature and wicks away
moisture. Cashmere wool, obtained from the cashmere goat, is finer,
stronger, softer, and approximately three times more insulating than sheep
wool. We add the perfect blend of these two natural fibers to
the quilt to keep you comfortable, cool and dry.

Certified Organic Cotton

Surrounding the comfort and support layers is
breathable, certified organic cotton. Natural cotton fiber
is lightweight, hypoallergenic, recyclable,
and biodegradable. Used in textiles for more than 6,000 years,
it keeps your sleeping environment cool
and comfortable.

Joma Wool® & Alpaca Fiber Blend

Joma Wool® is derived from a process that removes
traces of natural lanolin and crimps the fiber to
increase bulk, springiness, comfort, and longevity.
Alpaca is similar to wool but is naturally lanolin-free.
This improves its performance in very humid conditions and
makes it hypo-allergenic.

Talalay Latex

Natural Talalay latex breathes up to seven times
better and provides up to 33% more pressure relief
than other latex foams. Oeko-Tex certified,
hypoallergenic and resistant to dust-mites, mold and mildew,
Talalay latex gently lifts your body, conforms to
your unique shape and distribute weight


PLA Corn Densified Fiber Pad

Natural and sustainable, our plant-derived polylactide
(PLA) densified fiber support pad is made from corn
and provides optimal mattress support while eliminating
the need for polyurethane foam.

1074 Ergonomically Zoned
Pocket Spring

Pocket springs (springs wrapped in fabric) move independently
of each other to deliver the utmost support and comfort
while also greatly reducing partner disturbance. Our 1074
zoned pocket spring unit supports the shoulder and knee
areas and provides additional support in the center one-third
of the mattress. The unit is steel encased for incredible
edge support, so you can feel secure sleeping towards
the edge of the bed.


Compression Hand Tufting

Hand tufting is a true mark of quality. Durable fasteners are inserted by hand
through all layers to secure the upholstery. This time-intensive
technique dramatically reduces body impressions and provides superb support.

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