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Palliser Brook Upholstered Headboard

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Palliser Brook Upholstered Headboard 

Subtly feminine and decidedly sophisticated, the Brook features a curved arc headboard and picture frame detail surrounding a button-tufted face. Choose from a 54" or 64" height to suit the size of your space.

Headboard available in full, queen, king and California king size. California King Size beds are 4" longer and 3" shorter width than standard king size beds. Complete bed available.

Why Purchase Palliser Furniture

Palliser has been ”Making Furniture Right” that is at the heart of their DNA. Don’t settle for the ordinary. Palliser Furniture made your way! With hundreds fabric and leather combinations you can create the perfect room at an exceptional value.

Leather Benefits And Special Characteristics

Leather Testing

Palliser maintains a corporate leather lab staffed by experts with extensive tannery experience. We perform a physical inspection of each hide and use a colour matching assessment using a spectrophotometer.

We test our leathers for:

  • Light & rub fastness
  • Finish adhesion
  • Flexibility
  • Seam & tear strength

Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is made from the top or outermost layer of a hide, allowing for fewer imperfections as the entire hide is used organically without altering the surface.

Palliser always uses top grain leather to ensure your furniture is as beautiful as it is durable.

Leather Finishes

Top grain leather requires a special finish to ensure the upholstery stays protected.


Pigmented leather is buffed or corrected to reduce and conceal natural markings or blemishes. Leather with this type of topcoat will provide excellent wear well if maintained properly.

  • Excellent durability with minimal maintenance
  • Minimal colour variation
  • Most practical, least likely to fade or stain


Semi-aniline leathers offer good medium protection from day-to-day use. Semi-aniline leather may be slightly buffed, but no pattern or embossing has been used to alter the texture

  • Medium protection
  • Light topcoat helps control fading
  • Softens and relaxes, without affecting wear, but rather increasing comfort

Full aniline

Full aniline is regarded as the highest quality of leather, often seen as the most authentic. Full aniline leather will show all natural marks, grain and colour variation.

  • Most natural looking
  • Develops a beautiful patina over time
  • Superbly soft and supple with rich, penetrating colour
  • Direct exposure to sunlight or heat sources, will result in fading or discoloration

Fabric Testing

Palliser fabrics are tested to the highest of standards, ensuring they meet both industry regulations and your everyday needs.

We test our fabrics for:

  • Seam slippage
  • Tear strength
  • Colour fastness to light
  • Colour fastness to crocking (dye transfer)
  • Abrasion rating (rub count)

<h4 data-block-key="2dzbx" data-mce-fragment="1"><b data-mce-fragment="1">Warranty:</b></h4>
<p data-block-key="cd7q4" data-mce-fragment="1">For 10 years after you purchase your new headboard from Palliser<b data-mce-fragment="1"><sup data-mce-fragment="1">®</sup></b>, if it has a defect covered under warranty, we will replace or repair it.</p>
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<p data-block-key="71elg" data-mce-fragment="1">Every Palliser<sup data-mce-fragment="1">®</sup><span data-mce-fragment="1">&nbsp;</span>recliner is meticulously handcrafted to ensure it will last for years to come.<br data-mce-fragment="1">After you place your order, your new bed will arrive to your home within 2-3 weeks. Here's what to expect:</p>
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<h4 data-block-key="1i3zy" data-mce-fragment="1"><b data-mce-fragment="1">Order Placed</b></h4>
<p data-block-key="cakte" data-mce-fragment="1">Within 48 hours of receiving your online recliner order, we’ll send it to one of our US-based manufacturing facilities.</p>
<div aria-label="product" role="group" class="col" data-mce-fragment="1"><img srcset="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-250.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-500.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-1000.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-2000.png 130w" sizes="300px" class="lazyautosizes ls-is-cached lazyloaded" data-srcset="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-250.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-500.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-1000.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-2000.png 130w" data-src-largest="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-2000.png" data-src="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-250.png" data-sizes="auto" src="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-250.png" alt="" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-src="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/HandcraftV2.width-250.png">
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<h4 data-block-key="1i3zy" data-mce-fragment="1"><b data-mce-fragment="1">Handcrafting Begins</b></h4>
<p data-block-key="6bjcd" data-mce-fragment="1">Our Master Craftsmen will carefully hand-build your recliner using the highest-quality materials available.</p>
<div aria-label="product" role="group" class="col" data-mce-fragment="1"><img srcset="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-250.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-500.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-1000.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-2000.png 130w" sizes="300px" class="lazyautosizes ls-is-cached lazyloaded" data-srcset="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-250.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-500.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-1000.png 130w,https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-2000.png 130w" data-src-largest="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-2000.png" data-src="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-250.png" data-sizes="auto" src="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-250.png" alt="" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-src="https://assets-www.stearnsandfoster.com/media/images/ShippingSchedV2.width-250.png">
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<h4 data-block-key="1i3zy" data-mce-fragment="1"><b data-mce-fragment="1">Shipping Details</b></h4>
<p data-block-key="85o0j" data-mce-fragment="1">Once complete, we’ll package your order and ship it to a local delivery partner who will reach out to schedule delivery.<br data-mce-fragment="1"></p>

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