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Osaki 2023 OS Pro 3D Tao Massage Chair

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Color: Brown
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Product Highlights

Osaki OS-Pro Tao 
Product Features
  • SL-Track
  • 3D Massage Mechanism
  • Enhanced Kneading Wheels
  • Computerized Body Scan
  • Multiple Memory Profiles
  • 3 Stage Zero Gravity
  • Triple action foot massager
  • 24 Air Cell Full Body Compression
  • Heating on Lumbar and Calves
  • Intelligent Voice Control
  • Convenient remote control
  • Fits up heights from 4'10 to 6'3
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Ideal for home, office, or spa use.
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Tao 3D

A Dimension of Leisure

Introducing the Tao 3D Massage Chair, the ultimate solution for all your relaxation needs. The Tao is a state-of-the-art massage chair with improved ergonomics, providing an even more comfortable and effective massage experience. It also has a triple action foot massage for full foot coverage, 24 airbags for full body massage including shoulders, arms, hips, and legs, and heating elements on the back and calves for added relaxation and pain relief. Whether you use it at home, in the office, or in a spa setting, this massage chair is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate.

  •  Brown
  •  Black
Tao Main

Voice Control

The Tao 3D consists of Voice Control capabilities where you can conveniently use the chair without lifting a finger. Just use the phrase " Hey Alice " or" Hi Alice " followed by the preset commands in the manual

Tao Voice Control

The Tao’s Foot Rollers activates various acupuncture points through the use of reflexology ridges. The Tao holds three rollers for each foot , covering the entire surface area of the foot.

Tao Rollers

Enhanced Kneading Wheels

The Tao holds enhanced Kneading Wheels at the back of the footrest to ensure a thorough massage to your heels.

Tao Kneading Wheels

3D Massage Mechanism

The Tao is a three-dimensional massage chair with adjustable speed, intensity, and width. This includes intelligent manipulators that move vertically and extend from front to back of the track.

Tao 3D Massage

Tao’s scientifically-engineered SL-Track allows the massage rollers to effortlessly reach your entire body. The massage rollers extend all the way from your neck and shoulders to your hamstrings.

Tao Sl Track
Tao Air Massage

3-Stage Zero Gravity and Space Saving Technology

Relax in a state of leisure with the Tao’s three stage zero gravity reclining . This NASA-inspired technology angles your posture to let your body have a lightweight experience. With Tao’s Space Saving Technology , you may place your chair up to 2 inch from the wall and still have a full recline.

Tao Zg

Heat on Lumbar and Calves

Release tension across the body using the Tao’s heating system. The heating therapy focuses on the back and calves by soothing any aches and pains in those areas.

Tao Heating

15 Auto Massage Modes

Tao Icon Comfort

Comfort Massage

Tao Icon Relax M…8-D7Cc-4Ab1-B602-84Fa8Efd4D3A

Relax Massage

Tao Icon Stretch…0-89F1-4E15-A54C-6559Bf6F46Bd

Stretch Massage

Tao Icon Neck Sh…C-Acd3-45A1-A855-7A9C2C7C7297

Neck & Shoulder Massage

Tao Icon Back Wa…8-4116-4C34-85Bf-18235459Ccc1

Back & Waist Massage

Tao Icon Full Bo…F-3079-416D-A667-Becaaffc3E49

Full Body Massage

Tao Icon Ancient…0-8730-48C7-A90E-B8D703Fedf55

Ancient Beauty Care

Tao Icon Leg Hip…7-5A03-4B94-877D-C30B8F93B9Fc

Leg & Hip Care

Tao Icon Release…F-6Cb5-42A8-84F9-218D25Ecd763

Release Sedentary Stress

Tao Icon Spine C…B-97A6-46Ce-A1E8-C4F206745E5A

Spine Care

Tao Icon Preside…B-9Ec2-4D6B-Af59-9B324949Cb03

President Cosy

Tao Icon Relieve…E-454C-4F32-Ae84-39727Ce38F85

Relieve Soreness

Tao Icon Goodnig…E-C4Bd-4A66-8A0C-Dfc58531Dd59

Good-night Sleep

Tao Icon Sport R…0-Ce69-453D-88Ec-13E8F06A9Ea0

Sport Recovery

Tao Icon Meridia…5-0667-477D-A24C-693A5Ba4Eb5A

Meridian Treatment

7 Manual Massage Modes

Tao Icon Knead 2…C-F264-4B20-94E4-017E2A20E69A


Tao Icon Tap 2X …8-F826-4F8A-9Ba6-291A5021Ab80


Tao Icon Knead T…2-0Fd3-4E8C-9Fec-44C11Bd7B859

Knead & Tap

Tao Icon Shiatsu…6-52Dc-40C9-8A93-9B4Cc4Dd6371


Tao Icon Knock 2…0-B2E6-45D0-8543-C39346D6C8C4


Tao Icon 3D I 2X…4-C7Fa-42E7-87Ed-90Aa9701F3B4

3D I

Tao Icon 3D Ii 2…1-2880-4566-B427-9Bdc2Ec7Abaf


To include users of different heights and body types, Tao’s extendable footrest uses a manual spring-loaded function that extends up to 5 inches . Tao is designed to fit most body types and sizes from 4'10 all the way up to 6'3

Tao Foot Extender


The Tao includes a removable pillow, helping you optimize the best massage for all head positions.

Tao Removable Pillow

The Tao’s Side Easy-To-Use Panel consists of quick settings such as heating, voice control, variation in 3D massage, backrest and legrest adjustments.

Tao Luxe Side Panel

Bluetooth Speaker

Tao Speakers

LED Lighting

Tao Rollers

USB Charging

Tao Usb

Remote Controller

Tao Remote

Remote Pocket

Tao Pocket


Tao Dimension 1
Tao Dimension 2
Product Name
OS- Tao 3D

User Manual
Power Supply
110V - 120V
Rate Power
Rate Time
20 min
(W x L x H)
29" x 62.5" x 45"
29" x 70.5" x 29"
Minimum Doorway Size
Maximum User Weight
260 lbs
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