Ootori A810L L-Track Asuka 3D Massage Chair

by Ootori
Save 38%



6 Massage Modes

kneading, knocking, tapping, clapping, shiatsu, air pressure, heating. Different massage modes to give you different massage experience.


The total length of track is 51 inches. The L-Track perfectly solves the noise problem and gives you a quiet massage experience.The rollers glide from the upper back all the way down under the seat. This new rolling system provides a full body massage.


Zero gravity massage chairs elevate your feet to the same level as your heart, minimizing the strain of gravity on your vertebrae, you will feel virtually weightless,relieving the discomfort of back pain.

Space Saving Technology

Space saving technology only requires 3.9 inches from the wall. This massage chair can be put anywhere in your room.

Blue-tooth Speaker

Built-in speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, to help you really relax.

Foot Roller

The enhanced foot roller rolls forward and backward to sooth your sole and heel. Foot roller, provides a scrapping massage, relieve foot stress and pain.

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