Kahuna Elite Massage Chair Arete

by Kahuna
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kahuna-homedepot-desc-061621-arete-01.jpgThe Featkahuna-homedepot-desc-061621-arete-02.jpgkahuna-homedepot-desc-061621-arete-03.jpgures that are finalized in Completion

-          3D Roller System on SL Track allows the rollers to smoothly glide up and down from head to buttocks and enables the most precise contact of the rollers to the body for ultimate pleasantness and secureness.

-          Calve Roller massage along with rhythmic air cell massage that will result in beautiful legs

-          Foot reflexology rollers will double your relaxation.

-          Tablet Touch Screen Remote controller for easy conspicuous menu controlling for more suitable and accurate personal massage order.

-          Whooping 29 Auto Programs including customized massage memory, more auto programs means more favorite auto programs to love.

-          Up to 5 Customized Massage Memory functions

-          Whole body Ondol system (Heating)

-          Auto Leg Extension: Foot and Calves portion can segmentally extend and shrink to embrace wide range of heights to achieve the perfect position of massage for each individuals

-          Hassle Free Fully Assembled Chair, Kahuna Chair has completely taken care of all the burdens for you.



-          Design inspired by the Athenian building, Parthenon which is the masterpiece of the Greek classic embraces your whole body into utmost comfort. 

-          The Best possible satisfaction in all aspects of functionality, performance, and price.  

-          High quality Durable vegan leather to suit your elegant sense and taste 

-          Surrounding Bluetooth Speaker to deliver you to the celestial place during the massage. 

-          5 Speed Adjustments, 5 Airbag Strength, 6 Massage Technics, 3 levels of Zero Gravity positions including the segmental control of foot rest and body.

 -          Fixed Point to overall massage with a desired massage technic 

-          Wall Hugger Space saving design not to ruin your interior 

-          USB Port



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