Cozzia Qi XE CZ-715 4D Massage Chair

by Cozzia
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Cozzia Qi XE Massage Chair Video Review 

Get to know the Cozzia Qi XE

SL-Track Massage

The Cozzia Qi XE has a SL-Track that is able to massage from your neck down under your glutes.

Knee Massage

The Cozzia Qi XE has heated air compression sleeves on the legs that move up and down automatically to massage both the knees and calves.

Vario Motion

Massage that feels less like a robot, and more like a human. The Cozzia Qi’s Vario Motion™ mechanism provides the most human-like massage in the industry.

Tri-Zone Heating

Heated care to the back, knees, and calves.3 heating zones. Dual heating in the left and right side of the lower back.  Dual heating in rollers for the neck and shoulder.  Dual heating in the calves or knees with deep tissue air pressure massage.

Tri-Zone Heating

Heated care to the back, knees, and calves.3 heating zones. Dual heating in the left and right sides of the lower back. Dual heating in rollers for the neck and shoulder. Dual heating in the calves or knees with deep tissue air pressure massage.

CZ-715 Tri Zone Heating

M.5 Gen Microprocessor

The M.5 Gen Microprocessor results in faster speed, higher accuracy, and a better massage. It can intelligently learn and adapt to personalize your massage.

M5 Gen Processors

Brushless DC Motor

A smaller, faster motor outputs more power with less friction and noise, extending the life of your chair.

Quick Action Massage

The quick action air compressor gives you an intelligent air squeeze massage on both arms.

Quick Action Massage

Voice Control Compatibility

Have control over your massage and your chair, just by using your voice.

Voice Control

Light up your mood

The Qi XE has unique LED chromotherapy lighting that moves in patterns and changes colors depending on the option you choose. Enjoy your own music through the built-in speaker and drown out the outside world.


Smart Dial and Quick Action Controls

Use the quick action controls to get into a relax and stretch program straight away, adjust the heat, or control the recline adjustments of your chair. The smart dial allows you to power on and off the chair quickly and adjusts the back massage intensity on the fly by simply turning the dial right for more depth or left for a gentler massage.

Quick Controls

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Recline and Wall Saving Design

The chair places you in a neutral posture position, taking the effects of gravity off the joints. Wall saver design where the chair needs to be placed only 5 inches away from the wall.

Advanced Reflexology

The Qi XE has tri-action foot rollers that use two levels of shiatsu foot rolling combined with immersive air pressure massage to create deep tissue foot massage.

Advanced Reflexology


7″ Touch Screen

Large touch screen remote powered by 5th Gen Microprocessors. Global massage programs, including Swedish, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Balinese. Full body stretch programs and AI-designed programs for spine and back. Partial body programs to target problem areas like neck and shoulders, or lower back. Create/tailor a program specifically for you, and save it for reuse. Total of 26 programs, powered by 5th Gen.

Technology Specifications


4D Human-like Vario Motion™ Mechanism
SL Long Track Massage from Neck to Buttock
54 inches in length Long Track Massage
3 inch 4D Node Extension
Dual Heating Rollers
Dual Heating in calves/knees
Dual Heating Lower Back?
6 Unique Massage Techniques
26 Auto Programs
Tri-Action Foot and Sole Roller Massage

Air Massage

Heat Therapy for Legs
Adjustable Foot & Calf to find a larger height range
Arm Massage
Seat and Thigh Massage
Foot and Calf Massage
64 Airbags
3 Air intensity Levels