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All Natural Latex and Wool Shikibuton Futon Mattress - 3 Inch - Medium Firm

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Product Highlights

Japanese style hand made Wool and Natural Latex Shikibuton mattress. The classic design features an Organic Cotton Fabric Case and an All Natural Chemical Free Wool Filling surrounding an All Natural Dunlop Latex Core. It does not contain foam, synthetic fibers, or chemical flame retardants. Made in the USA by The Futon Shop.




All Natural Latex and Wool Shikibuton Futon Mattress

Our Japanese style All Natural Latex and Wool Shikibuton Mattress includes both all natural dunlop latex and chemical free wool. The breathable and lightweight wool fiber allows for a deeper nights sleep while the natural latex core provides added support and comfort. These wool and latex shiki futon mattresses are designed to be rolled up and stored away when not in use. You can customize your comfort by layering two or more shikibutons on top of each other. This can provide a softer sleeping surface. This All Natural Latex Shikibuton Mattress is perfect for last minute guests, camping trips, and kids rooms. Feel the difference when you sleep naturally. Available with organic cotton ticking or poly cotton ticking.


All Natural Latex and Wool Shiki futon Mattress

  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Anti-Microbial & Dust Mite Resistant
  • Zero Chance Of Off Gassing
  • Pressure Relief
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Designed For Everyday Use On A Platform Or Sofa Bed Frame


GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric

  • Pesticide Free
  • Causes Fewer Allergies vs. Conventional Cotton
  • Softer Than Conventionally Grown Cotton
  • Renewable & Sustainable
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric


Cover & Size Selections

  • 7 oz. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric
  • Optional Standard Poly Blend Case available



✔️All Natural American Grown Virgin wool comfort layer

helps to lower rate,increases duration of REM sleep, is a natural
temperature control for your body, and is resistant to mold and mildew.
Our Natural wool is hand sorted by micron, creating a stable and
consistent soft and fluffy surface, which is naturally fire resistant.

✔️100% Pure Dunlop Latex comfort layers

conform to your body and is available in soft, medium and firm
densities. The perfect organic altrnativ to memory foam. Our open
cell organic latex foam cores are hypoallergenic with air flow
keeping you cool and comfortable while adding just the right
amount of bounce and support offering yuo superior point relief.

Mattress Feel

MEDIUM - MEDIUM FIRM mattresses and futons are ideal for side sleepers. Medium
to medium-firm offers firm support while soft enough to provide conforming
ability for your shoulders, hips, knees, and is generally a perfect firmness
for small to average sized people. If you are a side sleeper our mattress will
contour to the curves of your body, for men, woman, and children. Medium Firm
will allow just the right amount to relieve pressure points and keep your spine,
neck, and back aligned. If you weigh more than 230 lbs. we recommend firm to
extra firm mattresses for optimal support. Tummy sleepers need medium to firm
mattresses because you need to keep your spine properly aligned but the mattress
must be forgiving enough to reduce pressure on your stomach and rib area.
Therefore you need a mattress not to firm and not to soft.

Natural Latex

Soft and subtle our hemp mattress will offer extreme firm support, yet
a forgiving felling for your major pressure points hips, shoulders and

Supportive Pure Dunlop Latex Mattresses, custom designed
to conform to your unique body type, Naturally hypoallergenic with
perfect air flow, latex adds support while maintaining consistent weight
distribution, providing superb pressure relief to all areas of your body.
If you have mild allergies our organic latex mattresses can give you peace
of mind while offering a good night’s sleep.

Virgin Wool

Sleep like a baby. Wool offers your body ultimate temperature control,
muscle relaxation and deeper REM sleep,and is a natural fire retardant.
Our mattresses contain nothing but natural and organic wool to create
the fire resistants needed to pass all fire-retardant requirements.

About The Futon Shop

The Futon Shop is an innovative leader in the creation of chemical free
furniture in California for over 40 years. We source our natural fibers
from local farmers and process them on site. The Futon Shop has made
chemical free living affordable for everyone, because we care and
believe everyone deserves the choice to sleep healthy.

Care Instructions:

Care Instructions The Shiki Futon Mattress needs to be routinely aired out, flipped over and rotated. We recommend placing a coconut coir pad or Tatami mat underneath the mattress while in use, not directly on the floor, to create ideal airflow and prevent mildew and mold.

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