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15 Benefits of Waking Up Early

15 Benefits of Waking Up Early

There are many benefits of waking up early and it’s not just getting the proverbial worm. However, it’s not as easy for some of us as it is for others. Even so, there are enough major benefits for waking up early for you to at least consider setting your alarm a little earlier.

You’ll find out how in a little bit, but even waking up just 30 minutes earlier than your normal morning routine can benefit you in some big ways. You also might make yourself a millionaire if you decide to get up early enough, but you’re going to have to check out our list of 15 benefits of waking up early to found out how to cash in on being an early bird.

1. Be Happier

One of the biggest benefits go waking up early is you can be happier. That’s right! Waking up early in the morning is scientifically proven to increase positivity and feelings of happiness. Research conducted by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research showed that both young and older adults who wake early in the morning are more likely to have feelings of positivity than those who do not.

2. Solve More Problems

Even just waking up a half-hour earlier than normal can help you. solve more problems. At least that’s what coach and author of the book, How To Find Your Vital Vocation, Brian Cormack Carr, tells reporters at Fast Company. He admits it’s an old writer’s trick to tapping into the problem-solving areas of the brain before you’ve had time to process any new information for the day.

3. Have Increased Energy

Getting the right amount of sleep is important for staying energized throughout the day. When people wake up early in the morning intentionally, they usually go to bed earlier intentionally as well. By doing so, this usually results in getting the proper amount of sleep. This leads to having increased levels of energy throughout the day.

4. Get Better Grades

Wouldn’t it be nice to get better grades in your sleep? Well, apparently you can. A study performed at a university in Texas discovered that early risers, on average, have a grade point average (GPA) that is one full point higher than students who classify themselves as night owls. Who would have known that just getting up early could increase your test scores!?

5. Stay Organized

People who wake up early in the morning have more time to get organized. Creating a morning routine is an excellent way to reap the benefits of early rising, including staying organized. Some people use this extra time to organize schedules, laundry, school lunches, and more.

6. Time to Exercise

We all know that exercise is food for your health, and it promotes better sleep cycles. The number one excuse for not working out is usually not having enough time. By getting up earlier in the morning, you can make time to exercise. Working out early in the morning is also a way to get an extra boost of energy that will last for your whole day.

7. Skip the Traffic

No one likes getting stuck in traffic. Employees who have to drive to work, even if their commute is short, would surely prefer dealing with less traffic. If you get up early you can leave a little earlier and are less likely to run into traffic.

8. Be More Productive

Having more time in the morning means having more time to get things done. That includes marking off whatever items you have on your to-do list. Many productive people are known for being early risers.

9. Eat Healthier

When you wake up early there’s no reason to skip breakfast! People who wake up early have more time to make a healthy breakfast instead of choosing a quick grab-and-go option, which usually isn’t very good for you. So instead of surviving your morning with nothing but a cup of coffee, take the time to make yourself a healthy meal to fuel your day.

10. More Quality Time With Family

With fewer distractions in the morning and more time, you can spend more quality time with your family. That is if you all decide to get up at the same time. This is a great way to start the day for families. You can double-check homework, pick out outfits, or just lay around in the living room enjoying each other’s company.

11. Improve Intimacy

Surveys from the UK show that couples are most likely to have sex on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. Having sex in the morning has also been linked to several benefits including, boosting mood, feeling younger, and burning calories.

12. Benefit From Quiet Time

It can be nice and quiet early in the morning. Experts in meditation say that sitting in even just five minutes of silence can improve your health. It boosts oxygen and reduces stress. You can also use other forms of meditation to help you fall asleep at night.

13. Be a Success

Several famous successful people swear by the benefits of waking up early. The list of famous successful people who get up early includes billionaire and space explorer, Richard Branson, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and U.S Olympic bronze medalist, Caroline Buckle to name a few.

14. Make More Money

Not only do you increase your chances of success by waking up early, but you could also be making more money, and who wouldn’t like that? It’s estimated that 50% of self-made millionaires get up before 6 a.m., or at least three hours before they have to start work. If half of the self-made millionaires out there are waking up early, maybe they’re on to something.

15. Better Wellbeing

By combining several of the individual benefits of early rising, like reducing stress, eating healthier, exercising, and getting the proper amount of sleep each night, you improve several aspects of your over health and wellness. All of the benefits work together to promote better wellbeing, helping you to live a happier and healthier life.

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