Best Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews - New Adapt and Breeze Collections 2020

Best Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews - New Adapt and Breeze Collections 2020

Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews - Complete Buying Guide
There is no question that Tempurpedic is the preeminent mattress brand in the United States today.  Founded in 1992, Tempurpedic designed and popularized memory foam as an alternative solution to traditional mattresses.  Through continued innovations over the last decade proprietary Tempur-material has evolved in its design to provide all the benefits of memory foam without any of the negatives. 
Over the last few years Tempurpedic has rolled out a new collection of Adapt and Breeze models that has reinvigorated their beds and placed them firmly back at the top of the innovation scale.  In addition to a comprehensive product review, we plan to give an overview of their most recent innovations.  Read on to learn about the different collections and our ratings for their top models!
Brief History of Tempurpedic and its Mattresses
Visco-elastic memory foam was originally developed in the 1960's by NASA to help reduce and alleviate pressure for astronauts as they took off into space.  The foam was later refined and developed for commercial use by an upstart Swedish company called Tempurpedic.  Nearly a decade was spent in the 1980's and early 1990's developing the proprietary foam now known as Tempur-Material.  Tempurpedic officially opened for business in the United States in 1992 and was formed to serve as a medical device company focused on consumer services to medical patients.  Over the subsequent years Tempurpedic has made many innovations in the proprietary design of the material to make it more conforming, pressure relieving, and breathable.  Their newest line released over the last year makes many new innovations.  These new features include a phase change material in the conforming layers, new proprietary Tempur Climate Management foams along with a redesigned cooling cover.  
Why is Tempurpedic the Best?
Whether you look at consumer study groups or medical professionals Tempurpedic stands far and away as the most recommended mattress in the United States today.  
Over 25,000 medical professionals nationwide currently recommend the Tempurpedic brand to their clients. Its proven ability to alleviate pressure and reduce pain has and continues to be a game changer for the industry.  The product maintains a 95%+ consumer satisfaction rate even considering the price of the product.  These impressive statistics have recently been combined with J.D. Power ranking Tempurpedic as the #1 mattress in customer satisfaction for 2019.  The advances in the conformance and pressure relief of the foam layers along with new cooling technologies has shown Tempurpedic isn't finished innovating yet. 
The mattress has also been proven to last longer than every other brand in the market.  It's industry leading impression requirement of 3/4 of an inch for a warranty claim is half the industry standard.  Lifetime warranties are useless if it requires a 3 inch dip to file and receive an approved claim.  Due to all of these factors a realistic expectation for the comfort life of a Tempurpedic mattress is 18-23 years.  
There's no question that Tempurpedic is the best, it really comes down to whether it is worth the investment.  Tempurpedic's starting price point is at the high end of most other mattress brands, and their pricing model is set similar to Bose or Apple products.  The most important part of deciding on a Tempurpedic is learning how to make an educated decision on the different technologies in their collections and specifically which model will work best for you.  
New Tempurpedic Innovations 2020
  • Cool to the Touch Cover:  The new Tempurpedic cover was specially engineered with an ultra high molecular weight yarn that helps disperse heat at a higher rate than any other cover in the industry today.  You can instantly feel the difference when you touch the top of the bed.
    • Which mattresses offer this technology?  All models from the Adapt collection and up utilize the cool to the touch cover.  
  • Smart Climate System:  This technology is designed to work with the cool to the touch cover, adding a zip off top for convenience along with a super stretch inner layer to add to the conformance and comfort of the mattress. 
    • Which mattresses offer this technology?  This system is available in the Pro-Adapt, Pro-Breeze, Luxe-Adapt and Luxe-Breeze collections.
  • Tempur APR Foams:  While the Adapt uses the legacy foams made by Tempurpedic called Tempur ES and their Original Tempur Material, the newly designed APR foams have advanced the conforming comfort and pressure relief of the materials.  Tempur APR also boasts a 5.3 lb per cubic foot density foam, and weighs in as some of the most durable materials in their line. 
    • Which mattresses offer this technology?  Tempur APR is available in the Pro-Adapt and Pro-Breeze line.
  • Tempur APR+ Foams:  The new Tempur APR+ moves the density of the material up to 7 lbs per cubic foot.  This adds to the complexity of the feel by increasing the conformance, pressure relief and support of the bed.  APR+ is the industry standard for top grade pressure relieving materials.
    • Which mattresses offer this technology?  Tempur APR+ is available in the Luxe-Adapt and Luxe-Breeze collections.
  • PureCool+ Phase Change Material:  A phase change material absorbs excess heat when it changes from a solid to a liquid as our bodies begin to heat up the material.  PureCool+ is a specially applied phase change material that absorbs excess heat from our bodies faster and more effectively than a typical phase change material.  
    • Which mattresses offer this technology?  This technology is available in the Pro-Breeze and Luxe-Breeze models
  • Tempur-Climate Management (CM)+:  This material is reengineered Tempur material designed for maximum breahability as you sleep, without limiting the conformance and pressure relief of the bed.  This new foam combined with the SmartClimate Dual Cover and PureCool+ ensures you sleep cool when you fall asleep, and all night long until morning.  
    • Which mattresses offer this technology?  This technology is available with the Pro-Breeze and Luxe-Breeze collections.
Tempurpedic Collections
The Tempurpedic lineup has been simplified over the last two years, and the entire lineup of beds now constitutes only 11 models.  This simplification of the series and focus on quality and innovation over quantity of models has been a big factor in the resurgence of the brand.  Making up these 11 beds is 3 collections with select models that are available with the Breeze technology. 
Tempurpedic  Adapt Collection
The Adapt collection is the most affordable of this company's mattresses.  The mattress only comes in a versatile medium feel, and is designed to be a gentle conforming feel ideal for back or stomach sleepers. 
The cover is made from a specially engineered knit fabric that helps disperse heat at a faster rate and is cool to the touch.  This cover is followed by a conforming comfort layer of Tempur Material designed to reduce pressure and melt away stress.  In this collection you can choose between the all foam option and hybrid mattress. 
Mattress Profie:  11 inches  
Tempurpedic Pro-Adapt Collection
The Pro-Adapt has all the features of the Adapt collection while adding in some additional upgrades.  The Pro-Adapt features the addition of a removable zip off cover for easy care.  The bed also uses an additional layer of their higher density Advanced Pressure Relieving (APR) foams that provide improved conformance and pressure relief.  A SmartClimate stretch knit layer is used beneath the cover on the bed to improve the complexity of the conforming layers and assist with heat dispersion.  The Pro-Adapt is available in a firm, medium or soft feel for those looking for differing levels of pressure relief in their bed.  The medium feel can be selected in the standard style or a hybrid model is also available. 
MattressProfile:  12 inches
Tempurpedic Luxe-Adapt Collection
For those looking for the most advanced pressure relieving materials in the world the Luxe Adapt collection stands on its own as the premier line of beds from the Tempurpedic line.  Available in a firm or soft feel, these beds integrate a generous layer of Tempurpedic’s most advanced APR+ Tempur Material.  The APR+ uses Tempurpedic’s highest density 7 lb per cubic foot foam.  APR+ is a faster reacting foam that will help you adjust to a new sleep position when you move around at night.  
The APR+ also does a better job of micro adjusting to smaller contours in your lumbar for back sleepers and the curvature of your hip and shoulder complex for side sleepers.  Our consumers can generally tell a big difference stepping between the Pro-Adapt and Luxe-Adapt collection.  That said, the Luxe-Adapt lineup comes with a big jump in price compared to the Pro-Adapt series, and as compared to their Luxe-Adapt models is by far their most popular collection.  
Mattress Profile:  13 inches 
Tempurpedic Breeze Collection
The technology evolution of the Tempurpedic line has seen the most innovations over the last few years in their cooling technologies.  This is seen in their adapt models with the new cooling cover and SmartClimate system.  Any Tempurpedic in the new Adapt line sleeps relatively cool compared to the older models found in years past.  For those individuals that sleep particularly hot the new Breeze collection can provide up to 8 degrees cooler feel than a traditional style bed.  Tempurpedic has managed this cooling effect in a variety of ways. 
This new collection includes redesigned Tempur Climate Management foams. These foams emphasized the importance of breath-ability from the top to the bottom of the mattress.  The conforming layers use a new PureCool+ phase change material designed to provide additional heat dispersion during your natural stages of sleep.  These beds take the cooling factor beyond the first twenty minutes of your sleep cycle to create a cooler feeling mattress all night long.  
These features combined with the dual cooling cover used in the Pro-Adapt and Luxe-Adapt models makes these beds the absolutely coolest foam mattress in the industry today.  These beds are available in a medium feel from the Pro-Adapt line or a firm or soft feel from the Luxe-Adapt collection.  
Mattress Profile:  12 or 13 inches
Top 5 Tempurpedic Models
You will notice in all of the top models here we have leaned towards the designated soft feels.  It is very important to keep in mind due to the high density of the conforming foams used in Tempurpedic beds they all sleep relatively firm compared to traditional style mattresses most people are used to.  This is a great benefit for contouring to your spine, alleviating pressure and reducing tossing and turning.
The density of Tempur Material ranges from 4.3 - 7 lbs per cubic foot density.  As a comparison, a typical memory foam or gel memory foam ranges between 1 - 2 lbs per cubic foot density.  The high density of the foams last longer as it takes more time to oxidize than a cheap memory foam or gel memory foam.  We have found over many years the soft feels provide a balance between the support layers and pressure relief that our customers love.  The one exception to these recommendations is for heavier individuals (over 240 lbs) or those that are exclusively back sleepers.  In this case we recommend the Pro-Adapt Firm.  
Here are our top rated models in the 2020 line!
  1. Tempurpedic Luxe-Breeze Soft
    1. Editor's Pick - The Perfect Mattress
    2. The Luxe-Breeze soft combines all the amazing benefits of the Breeze collection with the complex and micro adjusting feel of the  Luxe-Adapt line with its advanced APR+ materials.   This bed is the perfect combination of support, pressure relief and cooling comfort and represents the pinnacle of innovation in the mattress industry today.  A slightly firmer feel than the Luxe-Adapt Soft (the softest model in the Tempurpedic line) and is considered the premier model in the Tempurpedic series. If you want a conforming mattress but you are concerned about the bed being too soft I highly recommend this model.  Do not let the soft designation dissuade you as it still has plenty of push back due to the design of the APR+ foams.  I will warn you this model is their most expensive bed in a line of beds that is already expensive.  If you can get past the initial impression looking down the price you will not be disappointed with the end result of improved sleep for many years to come.  
    3. Check Pricing & Availability
  2. Tempurpedic Pro-Adapt Soft
    1. Fits All Sleep Positions
    2. The Pro-Adapt Soft is the best selling model in the Tempurpedic lineup and it is clear why.  The bed provides an exceptionally balanced feel ideal for any sleep position.  For side sleepers the mattress provides a healthy amount of contouring foams and pressure relieving layers for the should and hip complex.  While it provides exceptional pressure relief for side sleepers it still micro adjusts to the contours of your lower back and neck and upper spine for back sleepers.  We have found this model to be a great compromise bed for those struggling to agree on a feel that fits everyone.  
    4. Check Pricing & Availability
  3. Tempurpedic Luxe-Adapt Soft
    1. Best for Side Sleepers
    2. The Luxe-Adapt soft is the softest model in the Tempurpedic collection.  This model is an ultra plush feel unique compared to other models in the series.  While the Pro-Adapt Soft is a designated soft mattress, it does not have an ultra plush feel that many traditional mattress buyers are accustomed to.  The Luxe-Adapt Soft mattress gives you an instant sense of stress and pressure melting away.  It’s combination of softer contouring foams and micro adjusting supportive foams provide a complex feel like no other mattress in the lineup.  If you are exclusively side sleepers I highly recommend this model.  It’s pressure relieving layers cover a much higher percentage of your shoulder and hip complex as compared to any other mattress we have tested.  
    3. Check Pricing & Availability
  4. Tempurpedic Pro-Breeze Medium
    1. Cooling Mattress Ideal for Multiple Sleep Positions
    2. The Pro-Breeze Medium provides a unique combination of cooling technology and a balanced supportive feel ideal for those looking for a firmer mattress.  The TempurCM material combined with phase change material integrated into the support layers gives a cooling effect unique to the breeze line.  The medium feel is firmer than the other models listed above, and provides an on top of the mattress feel.  This mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers, but still has enough pressure relief for side sleepers to provide a feel ideal for multiple sleep postures.  
    4. Check Pricing & Availability
  5. Tempurpedic Pro-Adapt Firm
    1.  Perfect Support For Back Sleepers or Heavier Individuals
    2. We consider the Pro-Adapt Firm to be a specialty solution for a specific customer.  We have found through consumer feedback heavier individuals can sink too much into the softer feeling Tempurpedic models.  For those individuals over 240 lbs we recommend the Pro-Adapt Firm.  The Pro-Adapt Medium or Pro-Breeze medium can substitute For this bed if you are heavier but desire a mattress ideal for side sleepers.  If you fit to the requirements above we have found the Pro-Adapt firm to be a great solution.  
    3. Check Pricing & Availability
Tempurpedic Mattress Buyer's Guide Continued 
Frequently Asked Questions 
What Makes Tempur Material Different from Memory Foam?
Memory foam or gel memory foam is now used in almost every type and variety of mattress in the industry today.  It is a very common misconception that all memory foam is the same.  The truth behind memory foam is much more complicated as the density, conformance, and pressure relieving in the bed vary greatly dependent on the manufacturer producing the materials.  Tempurpedic is a proprietary version of memory foam.  In addition to nearly a decade of research into its initial production the company continues to invest heavility into R&D.  New proprietary forms of memory foam have been released over the last decade, these materials lack the stringent quality and production standards of Tempur Material.       
What Sleep Type does Best with a Tempurpedic Mattress?
Tempurpedic has a variety of feels focused on each type of sleep posture.  A general recommendation is to select a medium or firm mattress for back or stomach sleepers and a medium or soft feel for side sleepers.  Every Tempurpedic mattress will have a 3-4 week break in period with the mattress feeling firmer than it does initially.  
Where Should I Buy a Tempurpedic?
At Sleep Galleria of course!  We have done the due diligence and selected only mattresses we believe in.  Our dedication to service is unmatched in the industry.  Through online chat, in-store or over the phone we can answer any and all questions you might have.  
We started Sleep Galleria to make it easy for anyone to experience exceptional sleep.  All of our relaxation and sleep related products are designed to help you be your best self.  Learn more at SLEEPGALLERIA.COM
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