Stearns and Foster Buying Guide 2021

Stearns and Foster Buying Guide 2021

Stearns & Foster Collections Review - A Complete Buying Guide 

Stearns & Foster offers one of the most complete mattress collections on the market today. With a lineup that not only includes traditional feels but has a best in class Hybrid collection. Today we will delve deeper into each of the collections, take an in-depth look at the benefits each collection has to offer. In addition to a comprehensive product review we will be giving an overview of their most recent innovations. Continue reading to learn more about the different collections and our ratings for their top models! 

 Stearns & Foster 

When it comes to mattresses Stearns and Foster has been synonymous with luxury and quality with over 173 years of experience. Founded in 1846, Stearns and Foster have become a leader with unsurpassed quality in the bedding industry. Their mattresses are only constructed by Certified Master Craftsmen that have honed their skills over years. Stearns and Foster have leveraged their experience and innovations to provide technology that delivers deep, targeted support right where it is needed. 

 Hybrid or Traditional? 

Stearns and Foster hybrids are a combination of a traditional innerspring support systems and advanced pressure relief with the conforming technology of innovative memory foam. When paired together, these mattresses offer a unique combination of pressure relief with a supportive feel that many consumers love. They also have a non-quilted, stretchable cover which helps to reduce motion transfer. This style of mattress is considered a great option for people who prefer the benefits of a traditional coil system but want the enhanced pressure relief of a mattress that incorporates memory foam.  
Stearns and Fosters traditional mattresses tend to have more traditional padding and less of the memory foam technology. Their quilted covers offer a luxurious feel, between the cover and the traditional padding these mattresses offer pressure relief and a better ease of movement in the bed. 


  What’s New? 

The 2020 Stearns and Foster Collections offers several lines to choose from: Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid, and the Reserve Collections. Each collection has its own unique characteristics, but at the heart of each collection is the support, quality and artisanship that has come to be expected from Stearns and Foster.  


Key features in the 2020 Collections 


Each collection begins with their patented Intellicoil system. An individually wrapped coil within coil design with an outer coil that is design to give more easily and then an inner coil which provides a firm feeling. The combination of the coils helps to prove the optimum support in their collections 


Indulge and Indulge HD Memory Foam 

Exclusive foams designed specifically for Stearns and Foster by the scientists at Tempur-Pedic. Indulge HD is more dense than the standard Indulge memory foam. This provides more pressure relief and it has a quicker response time. Tempur-Pedic has been a pioneer in the memory foam industry for over 28 years and now they bring their passion for quality and pressure relief to the Stearns and Foster collections. 


  PrecisionEdge System 

Stearns and Foster provide a firmer edge support for the bed by using a high-density coil. This will ensure that the edge of your bed holds it shape for many years to come.  


 AirVent System 

By using a combination of air vents and a wrapped coil system that promotes air flow. Stearns and Foster mattresses will help promote a cool, comfortable night's sleep. 



Estate Collection 

Quality and comfort at an exceptional price. With the queen size mattress starting at $1399. This collection offer upholstery grade fabric, IntelliCoil® support system, extra edge support, external air vents, and premium quality memory foam. The combination of all these features helps assure you get a cooler, more relaxing sleep that your typical mattress.  

Lux Estate Collection 

This collection has earned the 2020 Good Housekeeping Best Bedding award. The Lux Estate collection take it to the next level starting with their IntelliCoil® HD support system. In addition, this collection uses an IntelliCoil® Micro Layer which is an added layer of support spread across the entire surface. The collection elevates comfort by using Indulge memory foam, an exclusive foam designed specifically for Stearns and Foster by the scientists at Tempur-Pedic. Starring at $2699 for the Ultra Plush Queen Pillowtop mattress you see why it was Good Housekeeping Best Bed Award Winner.  

Lux Estate Hybrid 

The Lux Estate Hybrid collection takes all the quality features of the Lux Estate collection and translates that into top quality hybrid models. Utilizing the IntelliCoil® HD and the IntelliCoil® Micro coil layer along with Indulge HD memory foam these beds will provide the best of both worlds. You will get unsurpassed support and pressure relief, upholstery grade stretchable fabric, reduced motion transfer, and cooling features. All starting at $2,799 in a queen mattress.  

 Reserve Collection 

The Reserve Collection is the pinnacle when it comes to the Stearns and Fosters collections. It has all the features you would want from a top-quality mattress. Upholstery grade stretch-knit Tencel covering which is not only durable, but wicks away moisture and helps reduce motion transfer, double row of PrecisionEdge coils to provide a firm edge and larger sleeping surface, IntelliCoil® HD and the IntelliCoil® Micro layer, and Indulge HD memory foam. The mattresses are then tufted all the way through to secure the comfort layers in place, which also reduces the amount of glue used in the mattress.  


Our Picks

Best For Your Budget

Our Pick: Rockwell
This Stearns and Foster offers the quality, support and pressure relief and the comfort you would expect from Stearns and Foster at an affordable price.  This mattress offers IntelliCoil® support system, PrecisionEdge, Indulge memory foam, upholstery grade cover and vents. This Mattress delivers unmatched performance at a great price.
Starting at $1,799

Stearns and Foster Best Value 

Our Pick: Cassat Plush PiIllowtop
This Stearns and Foster model has won the Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Award for 2020 and we agree and that this is the best value. This mattress comes with the IntelliCoil® HDsupport system, PrecisionEdge, Indulge HD Foam, IntelliCoil® Micro layer, along with an active cooling system, and Upholstery grade fabric. All these top-quality features combine to offer one of the best values in the Stearns and Foster line up. 
Starting at $2,699

Stearns and Foster Best Hybrid Overall

Our Pick: Reserve Hepburn Plush
You could not ask for anything more from a premium hybrid mattress. The Hepburn Plush is loaded with the best of the best features. IntelliCoil® HDsupport system, PrecisionEdge, IntelliCoil® Micro layer, this mattress boasts over 4 inches of Indulge HD memory foam, and premium design features such as copper vents, embroidery, velvet handles, and tufting. By utilizing tufting in its construction, the Certified Master Craftsmen is able to assemble the mattress using less glue.    
Starting at $3899
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