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Sealy Crown Jewel Collection Buying Guide 2022 | Sleep Galleria

Sealy Crown Jewel Collection Buying Guide 2022

Sealy Crown Jewel Collection Review 

A Complete Buying Guide 

Trusted by sleepers for more than 130 years, only Sealy gives you the rest you need to live the life you want. In this plush Sealy mattress, you’ll get targeted support for your back and core from the exclusive CoreSupport™ Center, reduced motion transfer from upgraded coils so you feel less movement from your partner throughout the night, and cushioning comfort you can count on from high-quality foams. And it’s all backed by reliable durability that only comes from decades of precise engineering and testing above and beyond industry standards.
 What’s New? 
The 2020 Crown Jewel Collection from Sealy incorporates many comfort levels, technologies and price points to offer a great night's sleep to everyone.  The Crown Jewel Collection features CoreSupport centers, advanced memory foams and Sealy's Stability Coil to provide targeted support, while also relieving the pressure while sleeping.  This collection is perfect for someone looking for a premium mattress from a top manufacturer in a reasonable budget.
Key features in the 2020 Collections 
Sealy Stability Coil
Each Sealy Crown Jewel begins with their Sealy Stability coil system. An individually wrapped coil design constructed in a way to give you optimal, deep down support while also contouring to your body the way it needs to.
Providing proper support is key to a good night sleep.  Core support offers additional back support in the center third of the mattress.  By adding additional support in the center third, the Crown Jewel collection is able to keep your body in better spinal alignment, allowing your body to benefit from all the deep sleep cycles throughout the course of the night.  This helps with lower back pain and feeling tired when you wake up.
StableEdge Support System
Designed for edge to edge support and sleeping surface, the StableEdge support system helps you take advantage of your entire mattress.  The design helps with edge to edge sleeping, with no "rolling off" feeling, providing more room, and comfort to enjoy your mattress.
SealyComfort Foams
Providing relief to your pressure points, SealyComfort foams help reduce tossing, turning, and pain points due to pressure build up while laying on the mattress.  The foams absorb the pressure and energy from your body, allowing you to sleep soundly, and wake up more energized, rested and relaxed.



Our Picks

Crown Jewel Collection Best For Your Budget
Our Pick: Cherry Opal
Starting at $549
Crown Jewel Collection Best Value 
Our Pick: Geneva Ruby Firm & Plush
Starting at $729
Shop Here for the
Crown Jewel Collection Best  Overall
Our Pick: Crown Prince & Crown Estate
Shop here for the Crown Prince & Crown Estate
Starting at $899
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