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How Much Does A Twin  Mattress Cost?

How Much Does A Twin Mattress Cost?

Find out how much it costs to buy a twin mattress, what factors impact the price, and which ones are best for your budget.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “How much does a twin mattress cost?”, then you’re about to find out. When it comes to twin mattresses, there are two different sizes you can choose between. There is a regular twin-sized mattress, which is most likely the size you imagine. A regular twin-sized mattress measures 38” by 75”. Then there’s the twin-sized extra-long mattress. A twin-sized XL mattress measures 38” by 80”. The extra five inches of length on the twin-size XL mattress gives you a little more room to stretch out. Check out our Mattress Size Guide for more information about mattresses sizes.

As for how much a twin mattress is going to cost you, that will depend on several different variables. The cost of a twin-sized mattress is going to range anywhere between $250 and $4000. The price range will vary based on the type of mattress, the features of the mattress you choose, and the brand that makes the mattress.

Types of Twin Mattresses

The cost of your twin mattress is going to depend on the type of mattress you prefer. There are many different types of mattresses. Each of them has pros and cons that you should be aware of when deciding which mattresses type is best for you. Here are the most common types of mattresses you can expect to find in a twin-size.

Innerspring Twin Mattress

An innerspring mattress is the classic coil and spring type mattress. Innerspring mattresses are  best-known for being firm, supportive, and durable. They’re made by surrounding coil innersprings with different comfort materials. This makes a firm sleeping surface that is still very comfortable. Innerspring mattresses are best for people who sleep on their stomachs. They are also recommended for people who sleep on their backs. The firm sleep surface that an innerspring mattress provides is also better suited for heavier people who need extra support.

In addition to support, comfort, and durability, there are other benefits to a twin-sized innerspring mattress. Because innersprings are the traditional mattress type, they’ve been around for a long time, and over that time, there have been many different styles and construction types designed. This gives you a wider selection to choose from. You can find anything from an extra-soft innerspring mattress to an extra-firm, and anywhere in between. No matter what kind of twin mattress you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your unique sleep situation.

One other benefit of innerspring mattresses is how bouncy they are. The bounce in a  mattress can make it easier for you to switch between sleeping positions. Mattresses with more bounce are also easier to get in and out of when compared to some other mattress styles. This is a  great perk for people who may have trouble getting in and out of bed for any reason.

Another great thing about the innerspring mattress is that it is usually much more budget friends than some other types. A few other points to consider are the disadvantages of innerspring mattresses. If you purchase lower-quality innersprings, there is a chance that other foam mattresses will outlast them. This is mostly due to the strength of the material used to create the mattress. It’s also an example of why sometimes cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Another disadvantage of an innerspring is that the springs can start to get squeaky as they get older. For some people, that’s not a problem, but if you know you never want to hear a squeak from your mattress, then an all-foam model might be a better choice for you. Other than those few things, innerspring twin mattresses make for affordable purchases that last for years to come.

Here are 3 of our best-selling innerspring twin mattresses.


  1. Sealy Essentials Innerspring Hayward Soft Faux Euro Top


  1. Sealy Posturepedic Innerspring Dantley Medium Faux Euro Top Top Mattress


  1. Sealy Posturepedic Plus Exuberant II Ultra Soft Tight Top Mattress


Memory Foam Twin Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are much more common today than they were a few decades ago. They have several unique benefits that make them a great mattress type. They’re built to conform and respond to your exact body type and shape. This provides a unique and customized comfort. It makes foam mattresses better at relieving pressure, promoting proper spine alignment, and keeping you comfortable while you sleep.

The memory foam mattress is popular among people who suffer from pain issues. Since the foam adjusts to your body’s natural shape and size, it supports the health of your spine, joints, and muscles. A high-quality memory foam mattress is going to have zoned support sections. These support zones have softer foam material near the shoulder area and firmer foam layers near the lower back area. This zoned support method optimizes pressure relief and provides healthy support for your vertebrae.

Another big benefit of a foam mattress is for couples. A foam mattress is going to have much more reduced motion transfer than an innerspring. This makes it easier to make sure you don’t  disturb your partner. If you happen to share a twin, which is uncommon, someone who tosses and turns throughout the night can keep you awake. You’re less likely to notice any motion from your partner with a memory foam mattress.

The biggest disadvantage to a memory foam mattress is that it can overheat. They’re designed to absorb your body heat. They use the heat from your body to contour to your body’s shape.  If you’re a hot sleeper, then you’re better off with an innerspring, or at least a hybrid that we’re about to cover next.

Here are 3 of our best-selling memory foam twin mattresses.


  1. Sealy Posturepedic Medina Firm 11" Foam Mattress


  1. Sealy Posturepedic Foam 13" Lacey Firm Mattress


  1. Sealy Posturepedic® Plus Brenham Foam 13.5" Medium Mattress


Hybrid Twin Mattress

Hybrid mattresses bring together the benefits of a traditional innerspring mattress with all the perks of a memory foam mattress. The design combines innerspring coils with layers of foam. This design style creates firm, durable mattresses that still have the ability to contour to your shape and size for ultimate comfort. The coils also allow for more breathability than all-foam mattresses. This makes hybrids great choices for hot sleepers who still want the benefits of a memory foam mattress.

Hybrids, like memory foam, are known for helping people who suffer from pain issues. Hybrids  are designed to provide critical support from coils, and targeted layers of foam that help with pressure point relief. Foam layers are built to raise the hips. This keeps your spine in a healthy alignment and helps to reduce back pain. Since hybrids use foam, you also get reduced motion transfer with a hybrid. It isn’t the same as an all-foam mattress but can help if you’re concerned about motion transfer.

Here are 3 of our best-selling hybrid twin mattresses.


  1. AMERICAN BEDDING 11-inch Medium Firm Hybrid Bed in Box


  1. Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid 11" Calabasas Firm Mattress


  1. Sealy Hybrid Premium™ Silver Chill Firm Hybrid Mattress


Factors That Impact Twin Mattress Cost

The type of mattress may be where the base cost of a twin mattress starts, but there are other factors that will affect the price.

Regular or Extra Long

When you’re shopping for a twin mattress, you do need to keep in mind the differences between the size of a regular twin and an extra-long twin. As we mentioned earlier, regular-sized twins are 38” by 75”, and extra-long twins are 38” by 80”. That extra five inches of room may not seem like a lot, but it does mean extra room spread out.

Support Layers

A higher-quality mattress is going to have more layers of support. Now, this is going to increase the cost of the mattress, but it will also increase the quality of your sleep, which is priceless. Every support layer has some sort of feature that adds to the mattress’s support or comfort. Some layers help reduce motion transfer, some layers improve airflow, and other layers just add plush padding that makes your mattress feel like sleeping in a soft cloud.

Mattress Cooling Technology

Mattress cooling technology is advancing quickly. It’s one of the most in-demand features for high-quality mattresses buyers. The cooling technology used in cooling mattresses keeps them cool using a variety of methods. Some of the cooling mattresses feature vents, while others have breathable foam layers, or materials that help absorb and dissipate heat. There are also some cooling mattresses that use gel pods to keep the temperature down while you sleep. If you are one of the many hot sleepers out there that have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep when it’s warm then you need to try a cooling mattress. You may need to spend a little more on a mattress with top-quality cooling technology, but doing so will ensure you get the best night’s sleep every night of the week.

Bed Frames, Foundations, and Accessories

If you don’t already have a bed frame and box springs, these are things you should keep in mind when purchasing a mattress. If you’re upgrading from a smaller size, for example, you’re going to include the cost of a new bed frame and/or box springs to fit your new twin-sized mattress. You can also opt for adjustable bases that you can alter based on your sleeping preferences, which make for the ultimate customization of your sleep area.

Who is a Twin Mattress Good For?

A twin mattress is ideal for single adults or children. The twin-sized XL mattress are the ones usually found in college dorms. Twin-sized XL mattresses are better suited for taller adults or teenagers who want extra space.

A twin mattress is not a great fit for couples or for people who sleep with pets. If this is you, we recommend getting a queen-sized mattress to make sure you’re extra comfortable.

Now that you know how much a twin mattress costs, and why, check out our selection of twin mattresses to find the best fit for you.

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