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Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

Sleeping too hot? Body Temperature tends to fluctuate, especially when you're sleeping.  Did you know that your body temperature drops 1-3 degrees while you're sleeping? Your body temperature will slowly drop as it gets closer to bedtime and will rise slightly as you wake up.  We tend to sleep better in cooler environments. 
Below are our picks for the Best Mattresses For Hot Sleepers

Best on a Budget: Sealy 10 Inch Memory Foam 

Best Innerspring: Sealy Satisfied

Best Overall Value: Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill

Best Luxury: Stearns and Foster Pollock

Best Performance: Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze Collection


Best on a Budget

Sealy Essentials 10 Inch Memory Foam

This 10" Foam mattress is designed with premium high density memory foam that conforms to your body and provides pressure relief paired with a responsive memory foam that provides balanced support. The high-grade conventional foam layer promotes airflow and support, pulling heat away from your body to keep you cool throughout the night. 

SealyCool™ Cover – Super-stretchable knit cover with rayon fibers helps provide cool comfort.
Copper Fusion Foam – Cooling, copper-fused memory foam works as a natural conductor, helping move heat away from your body.
Starting at $549.00

Shop for Sealy 10 Inch Memory Foam 

Best Innerspring

Sealy Response Premium Satisfied

SealyCushion extra soft foam, a high quality foam for a more supportive feel plus SealyCool Cooling Gel Memory Foam for additional flexible, durable support. 2-inch SealyCushion Air Foam made up of cushioning foam allows additional airflow and added softness; ComfortLoft Cover, a soft knit fabric with durable spun yarns for a plush feel next to your body.


SealyCool Cooling Gel Memory Foam
ComfortLoft Cover
SealyCushion Air Foam
Starting at $1249

Best Overall Value

Sealy Premium Hybrid Silver Chill

Sealy Silver Chill Plush features a DuoChill™ Cooling Sleep System, thicker comfort layers and exclusive Posturepedic Technology™ to deliver comfort and targeted support so you sleep in plush comfort night after night.


Chill™ Tech Cover with Allergen Protect™: A high loft, breathable and super stretchy cover with an innovative design, delivering a soft initial feel and Sealy’s unique cool-to-the-touch technology.
Sealy Immersion™ Advanced Memory Foam with Chill™: A slower response memory foam that allows for a more breathable, comfortable, cool-to-the-touch sleep surface.
Sealy ComfortSense™ Foam: The latest innovation in gel memory foam, designed to respond to your body’s unique shape for more
Starting at $1924


Best Luxury

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Pollock Hybrid

The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection takes the comfort of Indulge Memory Foam and adds our own time-honored craftsmanship. With the support of IntelliCoil® HD plus Indulge Memory Foam, its a hybrid mattress thats as cozy as it is supportive and the only one to earn the Stearns & Foster name.
Stearns & Foster® designs every mattress with breathable materials to keep them as cool as they are comfortable.
Top Panel with Tencel

A stretch-knit covering featuring Tencel, a sustainably sourced fiber used in athletic wear, designed to wick away moisture and keep you comfortable.


Indulge HD Memory Foam

An even higher-density foam engineered by Tempur-Pedic scientists to deliver an elevated Stearns & Foster feel. Experience indulgent comfort and premium pressure relief to get the sleep you’ve always dreamed of.


Air Vent System

8 external brass air vents to help prevent heat buildup in your mattress to promote cool, comfortable, deep slumber throughout the night.


Starting at $2899

Shop for Stearns and Foster Hybrid



Best Performance


Tempurpedic Breeze Collection


A Cooler, Deeper Sleep.


Winner of Popular Science's

"Best of What's New"


The new breeze mattresses were designed in a thermal laboratory to help manage the micro- climate between your mattress and your covers for a cooler, deeper sleep all night long.

Research suggests a cooler sleep environment helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with less tossing and turning...for better quality sleep.

The breeze system of cooling technologies promotes extreme breathability and noticeable surface cooling.

Cool when you lie down.

SmartClimate Dual cover system feels instantly cool.

Cool as you fall asleep

For the next 20 minutes, you'll feel the cooling sensation of advanced pureCool+ phase change Material.

Cool all night long
Over the next 8 hours, the extremely breathable comfort layer, TEMPUR-CM+, allows the heat and humidity normally trapped under the covers to be cycled out of the mattress.


3° Cooler All Night Long

Shop the ProBreeze Collection

Starting at $3499


8° Cooler All Night Long

Shop the LuxeBreeze Collection

Starting at $4199




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