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Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers 2022 | Sleep Galleria

Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers 2022

Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

So you like to sleep on your back and you’re looking for the best mattresses for back sleepers? Well, look no further. Sleeping on your back just got better than ever before with these Top 5 Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers. It turns out, sleeping on your back is one of the most common sleeping positions.

Sleep Science News says the biggest benefit to sleeping on your back is improving the alignment of your spine, which is critical for long-term spine mobility and flexibility. When you lay flat on your back it helps support your natural posture and discourages spine movement during your sleep. Although sleeping on your back does wonders for your posture, it isn’t recommended for people with sleep apnea or acid reflux as it can cause unwanted side effects in those conditions. However, if you don’t have a sleep condition that prevents you from sleeping on your back, try out one of these best mattresses for back sleepers to get the best sleep of your life.

Stearns and Foster Estate Rockwell Luxury Firm 14.5" Mattress

Designed by Stearns and Foster’s Certified Master Craftsmen, this Estate Rockwell Luxury Firm mattress will give your back all the support it needs to get top-quality sleep every single night. This is thanks to our patented IntelliCoil®, the world’s finest innerspring. Combined with Indulge Memory Foam, your back will thank you after you’ve had time to indulge in this mattress’s supreme comfort.

Sealy Crown Jewel Black Opal Cushion Firm Mattress

Comfort and support meet affordability with the Crown Jewel series by Sealy, and this Black Opal Cushion Firm mattress is sure to make every back sleeper sleep like a baby. With a CoreSupport™ Center and .5” SealyComfort™ Gel Foam, supported by 660 SealyStability™ Encased Coils, it’s the right amount of balance between support and comfort without breaking the bank.

Sealy Crown Jewel Geneva Ruby Firm Mattress

A step up from the Black Opal with a few extra goodies, the Geneva Ruby Firm mattress is another gem in Sealy’s Crown Jewel series. With 910 SealyStability™ Encased Coils, the CoreSupport™ Center uses exclusive technology in the center third of the mattress to provide targeted support for your back and core. This makes it a perfect fit for back sleepers on a budget.

TEMPUR-ProAdapt® Firm 12" Mattress

The name says it all in the TEMPUR-ProAdapt® Firm mattress. Professionally made by expert engineers with what TEMPUR-Pedic says is the most pressure-relieving material they’ve ever created, this mattress is sure to please anyone who prefers to sleep on their back. The TEMPUR-APR® comfort layer provides unrivaled pressure relief for deeper more rejuvenating sleep.

TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt® Firm 13" Mattress

For those wanting the ultimate combination of back support and luxurious comfort, there’s the TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt® Firm mattress. Take your luxury to the next level with this top-of-the-line mattress that will have you wanting to stay in bed all day, even after a perfect night’s sleep. The Ultra-Confirming Support Layer uses an open cell structure that helps create total relaxation as soon as you get into bed.

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