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Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Cassatt 14.5" Luxury Firm Mattress Review | Sleep Galleria

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Cassatt 14.5" Luxury Firm Mattress Review

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Cassatt 14.5" Luxury Firm Mattress Review 2022

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At Sleep Galleria, we are tirelessly committed to providing detailed and substantive reviews of the best mattresses in the industry today.  We are constantly testing the latest brands, reviewing the top models, and ensuring the utmost care is taken in providing our recommendations.  We developed this review system to provide a consistent and methodical approach to rating each mattress.  Our full-time staff has spent 1000’s of hours testing and analyzing the top models in the industry.  Selecting an essential product like a mattress can be very confusing.  Having the right information can make all the difference in helping you purchase the perfect mattress for you. 
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Product Overview

The Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Cassatt 14.5" Luxury Firm Mattress is a thing of beauty. This premium mattress is part of the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Collection. The entire collection is filled with nothing but top-of-the-line mattresses. This one in particular is quite extraordinary. IT comes with a patented innerspring coil system for unrivaled support. It has an exclusive memory foam design for comfort that responds to your movement. Every aspect of this mattress is made with creating the most positive sleep experience you can find.




This mattress is almost as firm as they get, but still provides some of the highest levels of comfort you can expect. The Lux Estate Cassatt 14.5" Luxury Firm uses Indulge Memory Foam. It was designed by Temper-Pedic exclusively for Stearns & Foster. It gives this mattress a practically unmatched feeling of luxurious comfort that will have you wanting to hit snooze and stay snuggled in.



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Technology Features

The Lux Estate Cassatt 14.5" Luxury Firm uses a oene-of-a-kind innerspring design called the INTELLICOIL® HD. Pair that up with the exclusively engineered Indulge Memory Foam, and we’re two for two in the newest features for mattress technology, but it doesn’t stop there. This mattress also features advanced mattress cooling technology that uses a ventilated coil system to move body heat out through external vents, keeping you cool and comfortable all night. It also has a stretch-knit cover made of an athletic-grade material that wicks away moisture for added cooling.

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The support on the Lux Estate Cassatt 14.5" Luxury Firm is superb. This Luxury Firm model is right in between ultra-firm and cushion-firm so it’s not too stiff and not too soft. The intelligent innerspring coil design was made to provide more adaptive support than ever before. On top of this, you also get additional support from the Indulge Memory Foam that makes your sleep even cozier at the same time.



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Mattresses from Stearns & Foster are made by Certified Master Craftsmen who pay attention to every single detail of the mattress design. They do this to create high-quality mattresses that deliver the ultimate sleep experience and stand the test of time. It’s good to note that this  mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.

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Starting at $2,499, the Lux Estate Cassatt 14.5" Luxury Firm is averagely priced in comparison to other mattresses of the same size with similar features. The biggest value with this one is from the combination of the exclusive Indulge Memory Foam and one-of-a-kind INTELLICOIL® HD that you’re not going to find in other brands of mattresses.

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With the cutting-edge innerspring design in the INTELLICOIL® HD, the customized Indulge Memory Foam, and the advanced mattress cooling technology, you can’t go wrong with the Lux Estate Cassatt 14.5" Luxury Firm. It’s the perfect fit for someone who wants a firm mattress that still has some cushion, and comes with loads of extra comfort.

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