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Best 4D Massage Chairs | Sleep Galleria

Best 4D Massage Chairs

The best 4D massage chairs come in similar shapes, sizes, and colors, but they’re all unique in their own ways. You can bet that any of the models you’re about to see are going to have some of the most advanced engineerings in massage chair design, with top-of-the-line 4D massage technology or they wouldn’t have made our top 10 best 4D massage chairs list.

What is a 4D massage chair?

A 4D massage chair takes you beyond the limitations of a traditional 2D, or more advanced 3D massage chair can offer. 4D massage chairs move in four different dimensions. They move up and down and side to side like a 2D massage chair. They can move in and out to provide more depth and pressure relief like a 3D massage chair.

Where they stand out is being able to turn and twist like the fingers of a real masseuse. 4D massage rollers can also move faster or slower automatically, to work on any specifically tight or sore muscle areas you have, taking your massage chair experience to the ultimate level.

What are the benefits of a 4D massage chair?

There are numerous health benefits of massage chairs. One of the best health benefits of 4D massage chairs specifically is their ability to provide increased depth and pressure. This allows 4D massage chairs to give you true deep tissue massages.

Deep tissue massage is proven to have several health benefits, but one of the biggest is reducing back pain. One study found that deep tissue massage to the lower back reduced pain in people with chronic back pain so much that it has the potential to help people reduce the use of pain medications. As anyone with back pain will tell you, being in less pain and not having to take pain medications is a huge benefit. Deep tissue massage is also great for athletes who use it for enhanced recovery, and improved blood flow, which is also good for overall health and wellness.

    1.  Cozzia Qi XE CZ-715 4D Massage Chair

Four dimensions of pure massage chair bliss await you with the Cozzia Qi XE. As part of the Cozzia luxury series, the tension in your muscles will melt away from the tri-zone heating that gives you therapeutic heat in your back, knees, and calves. The Cozzia Qi’s Vario Motion™ mechanism is known to provide one of the most human-like 4D chair massages in the industry.

    2.  Cozzia Qi SE CZ-710 4D L-Track Robotic Massage Chair

Number three on our list of top 4D massage chairs is the Cozzia Qi SE. As on one of our top-selling 4D massage chairs, you are sure to love it before you even get it home. It was awarded Editor’s Choice: Best Value 4D Massage Chair, with great features like dual-zone heat sections to warm and relax your muscles and two stages of zero-gravity. It even has custom programs that allow you to create the chair massage program of your dreams.

    3.  Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro 2.0

Get it while it lasts because this one is a limited edition. That’s right, there was only a limited amount of tho OS-4D Pro Maestro 2.0s made, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Do not miss out on one of the most talked-about 4D massage chairs of the year. This ultra-luxury series model features full-body air compression, L-Track massage rollers, and zero gravity technology to give you a massage fit for a maestro.

    4.  Kahuna HM-Kappa Massage Chair

You’re going to feel like the big kahuna as soon as you take a seat in the Kahuna HM-Kappa. This intelligent and sensual massage chair was developed after reviewing feedback from over 10,000 Kahuna chair users, and the results are 15 unique massage programs that accommodate all body types. The chair can be adjusted to heights between 5’ and 6’2’’, so you don’t have to be a big kahuna to sit in one.

     5.  Otamic 4D Sedona LT Massage Chair

The 4D Sedona LT by Otamic makes our list of best 4D massage chairs for having advanced 4D technology. It features three degrees of back heating, two stages of zero gravity, and an SL-Track that are all designed to give you a comfortable and tension-relieving massage so you can live a more relaxed and pain-free life.

      6.  Brookstone Mach IX 4D Massage Chair

It seems like the Bk-650 has it all, but Brookstone decided to take things up a mach and brought you Mach IX. This luxury-series 4D massage chair is one of the best there is, with body scanning technology, wireless charging, and Bluetooth speakers so you can relax to your  favorite podcasts or wind down for the night with sound therapy.

     7.  Daiwa Hybrid Supreme

The Hybrid Supreme by Daiwa is one of the most cutting-edge 4D massage chairs on the market today by combining an inversion stretch with an L-shaped massage track, but it doesn’t stop there. Their propriety design of the HybriFlex™ Flexible Massage Track uses a super flexible massage track that combines full coverage of a 49” track, with a deep stretch that can rival any yoga class.

    8.  AmaMedic Hilux 4D Massage Chair

If you’re looking for a 4D massage chair without breaking the bank, then the Hilux 4D by AmaMedic is an excellent choice. It has some of the same massage features as more expensive models, and its 4D massage rollers were engineered to mimic the hands of a professional masseuse.

     9.  Osaki Os-Pro 4D Encore

Last but not least, we have the Os-Pro 4D Encore by Osaki. This model features voice-activated controls so you can tell your chair exactly which one of the nine automated massage programs you’d like to use, and when to begin the zero gravity and foot massage features. Features that are so good, you’ll be calling for an encore at the end of every massage program.

    10.  Brookstone BK-650 Massage Chair

Brookstone is one of our top-selling massage chair brands, for good reason, and the BK-650 lives up to its outstanding reputation for craftsmanship. This is one of the newest models by Brookstone and features their very own 4D L Track Microchipped VarioMotion ™ Robotic Massage for an ultimate massage experience. It also utilizes Chromotherapy lights to stimulate the senses and elevate your mood.

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