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X77 Massage Chair Review | Sleep Galleria

X77 Massage Chair Review

Our Perfect Factor Massage Chair Rating Method

At Sleep Galleria, we are tirelessly committed to providing detailed and substantive reviews of the most modern massage chairs in the industry today.  We are constantly testing the latest brands, reviewing the top models, and ensuring the utmost care is taken in providing our recommendations.  We developed this review system to provide a consistent and methodical approach to rating each massage chair.  Our full-time staff has spent 1000’s of hours testing and analyzing the technology features, massage styles, product durability, customization options, and therapeutic benefits that determine the quality of an exceptional massage chair.  Selecting a high-tech product like a massage chair can be very confusing.  Having the right information can make all the difference in helping you purchase the perfect massage chair for you. 
If you are new to massage chairs and just started your research, we highly recommend you start by reading our latest massage chair buying guide.

Product Overview

The X77 Massage Chair is a full-body 4D massage chair. It is a creation of the well-known X-Chair brand. X-Chair brand chairs are famous for offering some of the most comfortable and ergonomic office chairs. They have a stellar reputation for building chairs that reduce stress and tension while at work. Now they’re bringing their expertise in the office into the home, with their new high-quality home massage chairs. The X77 is designed using some of the most innovative massage technologies available today. Its innovative design is crafted with the total-body wellbeing in mind, to give you the ultimate chair massage, in the comfort of your own home.

Massage Quality

The massage quality of the X77 Massage Chair is superb. It takes advantage of top-of-the-line 4D massage technology to create a firm and relaxing massage, every time. The chair uses an intelligent 4D massage mechanism that is so life-like, you may mistake it for a personal masseuse. The chair itself is engineered to mobilize your spine and relax your mind. This makes it a great fit for relaxing after a long day at work. It’s also perfect to help you recover from sports or exercise. With 4D massage rollers that can knead, tap, roll, press, and more, you can create a unique massage that’s perfect for you.

If you like foot massages, then you’re in extra luck with the X77 Massage Chair. The foot rollers in the X77 are carefully programmed and shaped to avoid over-stimulating the soles of your feet. They work with different motion settings that rub, roll, and squeeze your tired or sore feet. This encourages blood flow, stimulates all of your foot muscles, and helps mobilize the entire range of your feet. 

The X77 Massage Chair also features an Acupressure Point Locator Function. This function identifies and targets unique pressure points that are automatically customized for every massage session. By doing this, it allows for maximum comfort, relief, and recovery that is specific to your body shape and massage needs.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Technology Features

The technology features on the X77 Massage Chair are top-notch. The intelligent 4D massage technology alone is enough to give this massage chair a five-star rating for tech features, but there’s even more. The chair features a body scan program that scans your back before every massage session. This is how located acupressure points and customizes each massage just for you. There is also an automatic recline function so you can kick back and unwind right away. The seatback reclines to 160 degrees, and the footrest can be adjusted to 80 degrees creating the optimal position to let go of the day’s stresses.

The X77 comes with a zero-gravity recline as well, so you can take advantage of all the benefits the zero-gravity position has to offer. It takes the pressure off your spine, allowing your back to truly relax from the weight of everyday life. It also takes the pressure off of your joints and your organs allowing for improved blood flow. This can reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular health.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

5 year extended warranty included on select models

Therapeutic Benefits

The therapeutic benefits of the X77 Massage Chair just keep stacking up. The massage quality from the intelligent 4D massage mechanism is one of the biggest therapeutic benefits it has. You get all of the benefits of going to a professional masseuse, without any of the travel to and from the spa. Since you get to enjoy the massage therapy in your own home, you also don’t have to worry about talking to anyone. This can make your chair massage session a super-relaxing experience that’s quiet and rejuvenating. The foot rollers that are in the X77 are designed to give you the benefits of reflexology. They work on your feet to relieve pressure in each foot, as well as relax other muscles throughout your body using acupuncture pressure points.
Then there’s the zero-gravity feature that offers its own unique set of therapeutic benefits. Relax like an astronaut in space by kicking back in the zero-gravity position. We already talked about how this reduces pressure on your spine, joints, and organs. By doing this, you increase your blood circulation by giving your body the ability to rest in a position that almost defies the laws and pressures of gravity. The chromotherapy feature tops the cake by providing you with the benefits of chromotherapy. It uses soothing colors that are emitted from the remote to help you achieve a mental state of relaxation and peace.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank


The durability of the X77 Massage Chair gets a score of four out of five stars. It comes in two fabric options, Brisa, or Synflex. Both of which are some of the highest-quality materials used in chairs today. The Brisa option is the softest and most breathable option. The Synflex option is still super-soft but isn’t quite as breathable as the Brisa. The X Chair brand is known for making durable chairs that last.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

5 year extended warranty included on select models


The value of the X77 Massage Chair is about average. At a price of $6,999.99, it’s in the middle range of top-quality massage chair prices. It comes equipped with some of the newest and most valuable massage chair technology features that make the X77 a perfect purchase if you’re looking for one of the highest-quality massage chairs you can get, without dropping over 10k.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Sleep Galleria Perfect Factor Rating

Overall, the X77 Massage Chair gets a rating of four and a half stars. It’s an excellent piece of functional furniture that you’re sure to love. It has the best features you want in a 4D massage chair. It combines new technology with time-tested massage techniques like acupuncture and pressure points to provide you with a consistent and relaxing massage every time. The zero-gravity and chromotherapy features also add a greater therapeutic potential to the chair that you’re sure to notice the first time you take a seat.

Our Overall PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

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