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Svago Newton SV-630 Zero Gravity Recliner Review | Sleep Galleria

Svago Newton SV-630 Zero Gravity Recliner Review

Svago Newton SV-630 Zero Gravity Recliner Review 2022

Our Perfect Factor Massage Chair Rating Method

At Sleep Galleria, we are tirelessly committed to providing detailed and substantive reviews of the most modern massage chairs in the industry today.  We are constantly testing the latest brands, reviewing the top models, and ensuring the utmost care is taken in providing our recommendations.  We developed this review system to provide a consistent and methodical approach to rating each massage chair.  Our full-time staff has spent 1000’s of hours testing and analyzing the technology features, massage styles, product durability, customization options, and therapeutic benefits that determine the quality of an exceptional massage chair.  Selecting a high-tech product like a massage chair can be very confusing.  Having the right information can make all the difference in helping you purchase the perfect massage chair for you. 
If you are new to massage chairs and just started your research, we highly recommend you start by reading our latest massage chair buying guide.

Product Overview

The Svago Newton SV-630 Zero Gravity Recliner is credited with being one of the most effective and sophisticated zero gravity recliners in the world. Packed with features, it brings the benefits of zero gravity, heat, and massage, right into your living room, while still maintaining its ultra-stylish look and feel.


Massage Quality

Svago really stepped up their massage system in the Newton SV-630 by using state-of-the-art Air Cell Massage. You can enjoy the Relax and Stretch massage programs to activate what feels like seven hands massaging you at once. Combining this massage system with the zero gravity position and heat makes for a perfectly relaxing massage every time.


Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Technology Features

In addition to featuring a state-of-the-art Air Cell Massage, it comes with two Custom Memory Settings to save your preferences. Because this recliner is so comfortable, the good people at Svago decided to add Smart Wake-Up Programs you can use to avoid falling asleep in it for too long, unless that’s what you’re going for, in which case, sleep in it are as long as you want.


Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

5 year extended warranty included on select models

Therapeutic Benefits

You’re going to love the therapeutic benefits of the Newton SV-630. The heat therapy feature will melt your stress away while the advanced air cell massage system works out any tight and tense muscles. This is going to improve blood circulation allowing for deeper and more thorough massages to reduce pain faster and improve overall health. At the same time, you can enjoy all of these benefits while still gaining maximum spinal decompression in the zero gravity position.


Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank


The Newton SV-630 is built to last. This chair is made with hand-stitched Royal Top Grain leather. The leather was hand-selected in Italy for being luxuriously soft, and because it gets even softer over time making the chair age gracefully. It’s also built on a hand-carved wood base and uses the highest quality memory foam. It comes with a standard 2-year warranty for parts, that includes a 1-year warranty for in-home service.


Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

5 year extended warranty included on select models


The Svago Newton SV-630 is reasonably priced at $3,899.00. This makes it a great fit for most zero gravity recliner budgets. It isn’t the least expensive Svago brand recliner you can buy, but it comes with loads of extra features that make the added expensive well worth the price, and that that translates to having a strong value.


Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Sleep Galleria Perfect Factor Rating

Altogether, the Svago Newton SV-630 gets 4 out of 5 stars, which is one of our highest ratings. This is why it tops our list of best massage recliner chairs. That and being known as one of the most advanced massage recliners on the market might have something to do with it.  The massage system upgrade is a welcomed addition to the Svago line, and there are just no other recliner brands that come close to having this stylish design.

Our Overall PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Design and Specifications

Manufacturer Svago
Zero Gravity One Touch with 2 Position
Adjustable Headrest Yes
Adjustable Footrest Yes
Air Massage Yes
Vibration No
Memory Foam Seating Yes
Heat Lumbar
Recommended Weight 300lbs.
Upholstery Leather
Dimensions Upright 43.3"L x 30.7"W x 47.5"H
Dimensions Reclined 63"L x 30.7"W x 30"H
Box Dimensions 45"L x 32"W x 33.9"H
Shipping Weight 117lbs.
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