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Osaki OS-Pro Alpina S & L Track Roller Design Massage Chair Review | Sleep Galleria

Osaki OS-Pro Alpina S & L Track Roller Design Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-Pro Alpina S & L Track Roller Design Massage Chair Review 2022

Our Perfect Factor Massage Chair Rating Method

At Sleep Galleria, we are tirelessly committed to providing detailed and substantive reviews of the most modern massage chairs in the industry today.  We are constantly testing the latest brands, reviewing the top models, and ensuring the utmost care is taken in providing our recommendations.  We developed this review system to provide a consistent and methodical approach to rating each massage chair.  Our full-time staff has spent 1000’s of hours testing and analyzing the technology features, massage styles, product durability, customization options, and therapeutic benefits that determine the quality of an exceptional massage chair.  Selecting a high-tech product like a massage chair can be very confusing.  Having the right information can make all the difference in helping you purchase the perfect massage chair for you. 
If you are new to massage chairs and just started your research, we highly recommend you start by reading our latest massage chair buying guide.

Product Overview

The Osaki OS-Pro Alpina S & L Track Roller Design Massage Chair is one of Osaki’s newest massage chairs and it’s loaded with features. This premium-series massage chair is going to take you to paradise with S and L-track massage technology, heat and seat vibration therapy, and an Ache Sensor feature that personalizes your massages where you need it the most.

Massage Quality

The massage quality of the OS-Pro Alpina is top-notch. It’s equipped with an S and L-track massage system for consistent and relaxing massages. Then there’s the 22 airbag massage system that is one the most efficient air massaging systems in the industry. The airbags contour to your shape to distribute the pressure evenly throughout your body for full-body relaxation and relief.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Technology Features

The list of technology features on the OS-Pro Alpina is a long one. It comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers and chromotherapy LED lights. Everything is controlled by the advanced touch-screen remote that’s easy to navigate. The chair also comes with a body scanning feature to personalize your massages to your exact height and weight, but that’s not all.  One of the biggest tech features is the Ache Sensor, which uses two small finger sensors in the armrests to detect achy areas around your body that, once detected, receive concentrated massage to those areas for ultimate relief where you need it the most.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

5 year extended warranty included on select models

Therapeutic Benefits

Therapy-wise, you’re looking at one of the best massages you can get from a massage chair, but there’s so much more. In addition to benefiting from the full-body air compression massage, you’re also going to get the benefits of reflexology through the foot rollers that target specific reflexology points in the feet for full-body rejuvenation. Not to mention, the chromatography feature that bathes you in a calming and relaxing blue light that is scientifically proven to produce calm energy.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank


Osaki makes some of the best massage chairs in the business. The OS-Pro Alpina is built to last even if you use it every day, which you’re definitely going to want to do. It comes with a standard 3-year warranty that includes 1 year of parts and labor, plus an additional 2 years for parts.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

5 year extended warranty included on select models


At a price of only $2,499, the Osaki OS-Pro Alpina is a relatively affordable massage chair. It comes packed with features that make the purchase a great pick if you’re looking for a reliable massage chair without spending too much.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Sleep Galleria Perfect Factor Rating

This is one of the best massage chairs you can get for under $2,500. It’s loaded with some of the latest massage chair technology available and features several beneficial massage features. When you add in the chromotherapy, reflexology, and other therapeutic benefits of the OS-Pro Alpina, you’re left with an affordable massage chair that’s going to be giving you some of the best chair massages of your life, for a very long time.

Our Overall PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Design and Specifications

Product Name Osaki Pro Alpina
Rate Voltage 110-120V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Power 220W
Timer 5/10/15/20/25/30 min
Dimensions(LxWxH) Upright: 63"x31.1"x45.3"
Reclined: 78.7"x31.1"x35.4"
Weight Gross Weight: 285.3 lbs
Net weight: 236.5 lbs
Length of Wire Controller wire: 59.0"
Power supply wire: 70.9"
Storage Condition Storage temperature: 23°F~95°F
Storage humidity: 20-80RH
Maximum User Weight 260lbs
Maximum User Height 6'4"
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