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Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair Review | Sleep Galleria

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair Review

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair Review 2022

Our Perfect Factor Massage Chair Rating Method

At Sleep Galleria, we are tirelessly committed to providing detailed and substantive reviews of the most modern massage chairs in the industry today.  We are constantly testing the latest brands, reviewing the top models, and ensuring the utmost care is taken in providing our recommendations.  We developed this review system to provide a consistent and methodical approach to rating each massage chair.  Our full-time staff has spent 1000’s of hours testing and analyzing the technology features, massage styles, product durability, customization options, and therapeutic benefits that determine the quality of an exceptional massage chair.  Selecting a high-tech product like a massage chair can be very confusing.  Having the right information can make all the difference in helping you purchase the perfect massage chair for you. 
If you are new to massage chairs and just started your research, we highly recommend you start by reading our latest massage chair buying guide.

Product Overview

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair brings together the features of an inversion stretch chair and a top-performing massage chair. This hybrid design is so revolutionary that it created an entirely new category in the massage chair market. Not only are going to get the benefits of a full-body extension stretch, but you’ll also find supreme relief with the L-track massage system.


Massage Quality

Just because the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid has an inversion stretch feature, doesn’t mean it lacks in sort of massage quality. It uses an all-new HybriFlex™ Flexible Massage Track that combines the full coverage of a 49” track with a full-body deep stretch that maximizes every aspect of your massage. The FullBodyReach™ MultiStroke 6-Roller System is a totally new massage roller design that separates the upper and lower massaging arms that focus on your upper back, shoulders, and neck while still paying attention to your lower back and legs at the same time.

Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Technology Features

The new patented massage technology alone is enough to score the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid five stars in this category. Considering this is the very first 6D massage chair in the world, using a state-of-the-art roller system with six different massage nodules, it’s quite clear this chair is loaded with first-of-its-kind -new-age tech. Control it all using the sophisticated touchscreen with an easy-to-navigate interface. Plus enjoy built-in surround sound Bluetooth speakers and a wireless charging station for your electronic devices.


Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

5 year extended warranty included on select models

Therapeutic Benefits

Bask in the therapeutic glow that is the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid. Combining inversions stretching with advanced 6D massage technology is only the beginning for this massage chair. It comes loaded with 36 expertly crafted massage sessions, each with its own added benefit designed to improve your health and wellness. It even features a patented leg-rest that uses a heated massage for your knees, calves, ankles, and feet. Plus the foot massage uses triple reflexology rollers for total-body relaxation by activating specific reflexology points in your feet.


Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank


The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid is as durable as they come. Diawa makes some of the best massage chairs in the business, and you can see why. They’re crafted with long-lasting parts and they use luscious PU leather with a stylish Saffiano textured finish with hardshell color accents that make it just as beautiful as it is durable.


Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

5 year extended warranty included on select models


As for the value of the chair’s cost, the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid only scores an average rating here. It costs $13,500, which is at the top end of price ranges for most top-level massage chairs. However, it is appropriately priced considering it is one of the most advanced massage chairs you can buy, so much so that they had to create its own category.


Our PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Sleep Galleria Perfect Factor Rating

Four out of five stars is an excellent rating for the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid. Very few models ever get a full five-star rating, and the extra expense of owning such a luxurious and technologically advanced massage chair should be expected to come at a price. This chair is perfect for someone looking for the best of the best in massage chairs, especially if you’re into owning the latest and greatest technology that money can buy.


Our Overall PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Design and Specifications

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