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Lift Chair Buying Guide 2022 | Sleep Galleria

Lift Chair Buying Guide 2022

Lift Chair Buying Guide 2022


Lift chairs are a type of specialty recliner that operate like a standard recliner, with a twist!  Lift chairs feature the ability to lift its user up into an upright, stable position.  These chairs are remote operated and many have additional features as well.  Lift chairs are a great solution for anyone with balance or mobility issues, but are helpful in a plethora of other uses as well.  There are many types of lift chairs and this guide is designed to assist in making the best decision for each of our guests.

Lift chairs can be used in many difference capacities, offering it's user a range of positions and capabilities.  Lift chairs can benefit anyone with balance, mobility, and recovery needs.  Lift chairs boast the ability to not only assist someone standing up, they are able to recline can be controlled like a normal power recliner. In addition to the lift and recline abilities, some lift chairs will offer a range of luxury options such as heat, massage and USB chargers for ease of use.

Chair Categories

Lift chairs are available in a wide variety and fall into two main categories: Single Motor and Multi-Motor designs.

Single Motor

Single motor lift chairs feature a design that will raise the leg rest while reclining the backrest in tandem.  Benefits of single motor lift chairs include easy operation, simple design, and more economical starting prices.


Multi-motor lift chairs offer the ability to fully customize your sitting and resting positions.  The multi-motor design lift chair gives the user the ability to adjust the leg rest and backrest independently, effectively giving the user infinite positions.  This allows the chair to be used in more ways and offer additional customization.

Specialty and Luxury options

Evolving with technology, lift chairs have begun to offer additional specialty and luxury features.  Some chairs are available with heat therapy, massage therapy, sleeper capability and even USB ports to charge devices with.  These features and functions are available to further accommodate the user if specific needs or wants are present.  These features can further enhance your rest and relaxation while using your power lift chair.


Things to Consider

There are many options to consider when choosing a lift chair.  We've composed a brief list of the top things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect solution for your lift chair needs.  We recommend considering the specific function your new chair will serve when contemplating these options.

Size of Chair

Ranging from petite to extra large, lift chairs come in a variety of sizes and it's important to make sure to select the correct size for the user.  Pay particular attention to the seat size and the leg rest length.  Since most power lift chairs are used for extended period of time, it's important to pick one that easily accommodates the user.

Single or Multi-motor design

Each person's needs are different - selecting the chair that provides the versatility you need is paramount.  Single motor designs are sufficient for users that are looking to recline and be assisted in standing and work on a fixed recline and incline scale.  Multi-motor designs are recommended for most cases as the uses and needs of the user can change.  Multi-motor chairs offer the widest range of positions, commonly called infinite position.


There are many options in upholstery when selecting a power lift chair.  Fabric upholstery will provide soft, comfortable seating, however can be prone to wearing faster than a leather option.  The synthetic and top grain leathers offered in many chairs offer enhanced moisture resistance, increased durability and easy care.  Some luxury chairs, such as the IMG Norway line, offer the ability to fully customize the chair, selecting from a wide range of custom grades and colors of fabrics and leathers.

Luxury Features

 Many lift chairs will offer additional luxury features in addition to the dual or single motor lifting.  Luxury features available on some lift chairs will include heat therapy, massage therapy, and even adjustable lumbar support!  These features can further enhance the user's experience and provide additional therapeutic relief.


Lift chairs are available in a wide range of durability points.  Basic lift chairs that are in entry level price points may offer lower lift capacities, use less expensive and durable materials and components.  As you progress through the line up of lift chairs, cold rolled steel, higher lift capacity motors and more durable upholstery are some of the options you can select. 

Extended Care & Maintenance 

Lift chairs are easy to maintain and care for.  Due to the electronic nature of lift chairs, we recommend using a surge protector to protect the electrical components.  All lift chairs will have a manufacturer's warranty, however we recommend adding an extended warranty plan to ensure the long term enjoyment and function of your new lift chair. We recommend the Guardsman warranty we offer on our site


 Most Budget Friendly

Power Lift + Recline

This petite size chair is the perfect option for someone looking for a smaller lift chair that offers the recline and lift functions at an affordable price.

Shop Power Lift + Recline

Most Luxurious

IMG Norway

IMG Norway's offerings are the pinnacle of power lift chair luxury.  Featuring the highest quality components, strongest motors, the option of top grain leather and the ability to fully customize the upholstery, these chair offers the absolute top in quality.  In addition to the normal functions, some of IMG Norway's lift chairs also offer 4 motor designs to adjust the lumbar area and head separately.

Shop IMG Norway Lift Chairs

Best Specialty Chair

Osaki OLT-C

The OLT-C line from Osaki offers one of the only integrated shiatsu massage designs in the world.  Offering heat therapy, shiatsu massage in the back and calf areas, and the lift and recline functions, this is one of the best specialty lift chairs on the market.

Shop Osaki OLT-C 

Most Popular

Power Sleep + Lift

This chair is one of the most popular designs in lift chairs. The Power Sleep + Lift recliner features dual motor design, overstuffed upholstery and a large body to accommodate most clients.  

Shop Power Sleep + Lift



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Anna Collins - September 24, 2022

My grandma has mobility issues now because of her arthritis, so I want to make it easier and more convenient for her to move by giving her an electric lift chair. I’m glad that you informed us that there is a variety of upholstery options to choose from, such as fabric if you want soft, comfortable seating and synthetic leather if you want increased durability and moisture resistance. I might opt for leather once I get in touch with a trusted provider for electric lift chairs soon. https://www.aabafamilymedical.com/product-category/stairlift-chairlifts/

Tim Hoban - January 5, 2021

Are these chairs geared for your weight, I’m in the 350 lbs + range.

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