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Does X-Chair Make The Best Office Chairs? | Sleep Galleria

Does X-Chair Make The Best Office Chairs?

Does X-Chair Make The Best Office Chairs?

We settle the debate about whether or not X-Chair makes the best office chairs.

Did you know that 8 million Americans work from home at least once a week regularly? That might seem like a lot, but it’s old news now. The pandemic caused a surge of 158 million Americans that were transitioned to working from home. Considering how many of us are working remotely, it’s easy to understand why we’re all looking for the best office chairs.

If you’re new to working from home, you probably don’t have a home office. This can make working from home quite a challenge. Trying to get our job done at the kitchen table, on your couch, or in your bedroom are three of the most common ways people are adjusting to remote work. This works temporarily but there’s a better long-term solution, and it’s getting a proper office chair for your home.

Now, when it comes to finding the best office chairs available, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, the team at X-Chair makes it easy for all of us who work remotely. Office Recap awarded the X-Chair the #1 Home Office Chair on the market in 2019 and 2020. Their ergonomic designs continue to make them some of the best office chairs you can buy today, but why?

What Makes X-Chair The Best Office Chairs?

There are a few different factors that make X-Chair one of the best office chairs you can get. Using your regular chairs or other home furniture to complete work can cause all sorts of physical problems. Not having the right office chair can cause discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and wrists. It can also cause lower back pain and nobody wants back pain.

X-Chairs are made with multiple ergonomic features that reduce the chances of all this discomfort. The X-Chair’s ability to keep you in a physically healthy position while sitting for long periods of time is what makes them such a great office chair. However, it doesn’t stop at just being a healthier decision for your work-life balance.

Having the right office chair also improves your productivity and focus. This can make a huge difference in the quality of your work. If you’re distracted by needing to change positions due to ongoing discomfort, this is a sign you need a new office chair. When you can focus more and be more productive just by using a different chair, it seems like a no-brainer. Especially when increases in productivity and focus can also decrease your overall stress on the job. This makes working from home easier, as well as better for your mind and body.

Top 10 X-Chair Features

The X-Chair is quickly becoming the new standard in office furniture. It offers 10 ergonomic adjustments that allow the X-Chair to fit you perfectly. You can adjust the arms, seat, back, headrest, and lumbar until they’re set perfectly for your needs.

1. Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support

The Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support is one of the biggest ergonomic designs of the X-Chair. It’s designed to intuitively adjust to your body’s pressure as you sit and while you move or adjust throughout the sitting. It does this by responding to your weight, height, position, and the amount of pressure you apply to the seat-back. The DVL Support works to pivot you as you adjust and change positions during the day. This helps keep your back aligned and comfortable all day long. Now you can focus more on your work without worrying about back pain.

2. SciFloat Infinite Recline

The SciFloat Infinite Recline is totally unique. It was created and designed exclusively for the X-Chair. The SciFloat Infinite Recline helps facilitate extra motion throughout the day. This helps prevent you from sitting too long in the same position. The added movement also increases your blood circulation, improves concentration, and boosts energy levels. This way, you’ll be extra comfortable and extra productive during your work.

3. Tilt Tension & Tilt Lock

When the X-Chair was first designed, the engineers put a lot of thought into how the chair could be adjusted to customize your sitting experience. This is where the tilt tension and tilt lock come into play. First, the tilt tension lets you change the amount of resistance you feel as you recline, Some people like a lot of tension when they recline, while others prefer as little tension as possible. Whatever your preference is, once you’ve found your sweet nspot, you can lock the position in place with the tilt lock. This preserves your preferred recline position until you decide it’s time to adjust.

4. Height-Adjustable Backrest

The X-Chair features an independently adjustable backrest. It lets you raise the Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support (DVL) to fit the exact curve of your back depending on your height. This is the best way to take advantage of the DVL Support system. Finding the right position for your lumbar area helps support the natural shape of your spine. This results in added comfort and relaxation and lets you concentrate on getting your work completed.

5. Adjustable Seat Height

Tall and short alike can both benefit from the adjustable seat height on the X-Chair. You can easily adjust the height of your seat so your feet rest flat on the floor. This will help your knees stay at a healthy 90-degree angle. The result is healthier and stronger knees, with reduced knee pain. Although you should get up and stretch your legs regularly, having the right seat height lessens the need to get up and move around due to tightness in the legs.

6. Adjustable Seat Depth

Having the wrong seat depth puts pressure on the arteries and ligaments behind your knees. This kind of pressure is known to cause poor blood flow, cramping of the legs, or causing your legs to fall asleep. All of this can be avoided by adjusting the seat depth of your X-Chair so you can fit two to three fingers between the edge of your seat and the back of your knees. This is one of the features that make the X-Chair one of the best office chairs you can buy.

7. Adjustable Headrest Height

All of the adjustments you can make to the X-Chair are for your health and comfort. Everyone’s body type and shape are unique, and the X-Chair lets you customize your adjustments to meet your unique needs. The headrest in the X-Chair is height adjustable. No matter what your size or shape, you can move the headrest to fit your head and neck perfectly. This limits neck and shoulder strain and reduces the likelihood of developing chair-related headaches. It also helps you stay focused on the task at hand.

8. Adjustable Headrest Angle

Just when you thought the adjustable features of the X-Chair would end, there’s another! Even the angle of the headrest can be adjusted to suit your needs. You can adjust it throughout the day as you change seating positions, or can you leave it on your favorite angle setting so you never have to adjust it again. Either way, your neck will thank you for supporting it properly during your long workday.

9. 4-Dimensional Arms

Take your office chair into the future with 4D arms! Seriously though, the X-Chair does come with 4D arms. They can move forward and back, from side to side, as well well up and down. They can also pivot at an angle. None of us keep our arms in the same position all day. The 4D adjustable arms of the X-Chair let you switch it up as often you’d like, at any time during your day.

10. Premium Mesh, Advanced Tensile Recovery (ATR), and Leather

All of the X-Chair fabrics were selected because they disperse weight evenly across the chair. This reduces pressure points that normally cause discomfort from sitting in other chairs. The designers of the X-Chair decided to use advanced materials to avoid these pressure point issues, as well as improve your blood circulation. The X1, for example, features Flex Mesh Technology that is durable and breathable. The X2 features K-Sport advanced performance material with a higher mesh and softer touch. Then the X3 started using Advanced Tensile Recovery (ATR) fabric. It features a unique spacer weave that was designed to provide extra support and even weight distribution. The X4 uses ultra-comfortable premium leather from Japan. It’s one of the softest and most durable fabrics ever made.

After looking at all the ergonomic features the X-Chair has to offer, it’s easy to see they make some of the best office chairs. You get modern style and flair in your chair design, without sacrificing any features for comfort. In fact, you’ll be overloaded with comfort thanks to all of the ergonomic adjustments you can make to create your very own office throne in your home.

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