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8 Rental Friendly Apartment Hacks | Sleep Galleria | Sleep Galleria

8 Rental Friendly Apartment Hacks | Sleep Galleria

8 Rental Friendly Apartment Hacks | Sleep Galleria

8 Rental Friendly Apartment Hacks

Don't allow your rental space to limit your creativity. Here are some apartment hacks to help make your space cozier.

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t personalize the coziness of your living spaces. There are plenty of rental hacks to easily spruce up your apartment and make it feel more like home. These renting hacks can maximize your space and express your unique style at the same time. You don’t need a big budget, and you won’t need to make any long-term changes to the apartment. This way, you can make changes as you please and take your style with you when you decide to leave.

Apartment Hacks 1: Use a Storage Bed

Using storage beds is one of the oldest renting hacks there is to maximize your space. There are a couple of ways to do it. You can buy a storage bed that has storage built into the frame. These types of storage beds may include drawers or cabinets to provide storage under the mattress and box spring. Some of them may lift up and work like the bed is one big trunk. Without buying a storage bed, you can just slide tubs under your frame. Under the bed is a great place for storing seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, and family keepsakes.

Apartment Hacks 2: Put Up More Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for magicians, but they can magically make your space feel roomier. Having a mirror in a room creates an illusion of a larger space. It may be a trick of the mind but it works every time. This is also a good way to make a room brighter because the mirror will reflect light in the room. Mirrors come in a variety of shapes and designs so you’re sure to find one that fits your style. One of the greatest rental hacks for mirrors is to use velcro strips or command hooks to hang them. This way you don’t put any holes in the walls with nails or screws.

Apartment Hacks 3: Get Clear Furniture

Similar to mirrors, furniture that is clear or see-through can give the illusion of more space. This can include glass top tables and other glass furniture, which are classic choices. However, it also includes more modern furniture materials like lucite. Lucite is a type of acrylic resin used to make some furniture pieces. It can be colored, but it also makes for beautifully transparent furniture that’s sure to add space and spice to your room. This makes getting a clear coffee table or another clear piece of furniture one of the fastest renting hacks you can try.

Apartment Hacks 4: Meet The Murphy bed

Having a Murphy bed is one of those rental hacks for saving space that’s timeless and trendy. Murphy beds fold up into what looks like a large armoire dresser. They’ve been utilized in apartments to save space for decades. They’re very popular in studio apartments or bedrooms that serve dual purposes. Since they fold up, you’re able to turn your sleeping area into usable space during the day. This way you can have two rooms in one without having to do much work, other than put your bed away in the morning. Plus, you won’t have to worry about making the bed if it’s tucked away and out of sight!

Apartment Hacks 5: Say Hello To A Sleeper Sofa

Renting hacks for saving space is easy with a sleeper sofa. Sofa beds are perfect options for maximizing your living area in small spaces. They can be used as your primary bed in studio apartments. They also make great additions to one-bedroom apartments by giving you a place for guests to sleep without needing an extra guest room. This way your living room can double as a place to hang out and get some sleep whenever you decide it’s time to call it a night. Sleeper sofas come in a variety of mattress sizes and designs so you’re to find the perfect fit for your style.

Apartment Hacks 6: Win With Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are a win-win scenario for space-saving renal hacks and adding a flare of furniture to your room. They make perfect coffee tables and side tables. They stack under each other to save space. You can use them one at a time, or use them all together as one large table. Whenever you’re finished using them, they all tuck neatly underneath each other to free up valuable floor space. Some nesting tables can be transparent so you could knock out two hacks in one by getting clear nesting tables.

Apartment Hacks 7: Opt For A Storage Ottoman

Ottomans with built-in storage are great examples of renting hacks worth trying. They’re perfect for small apartments and help you stay organized by serving as additional storage. At the same time, they can be used as an extra seat, a footrest, or even an end table. They’re great for storing things like cozy blankets, pillows, or anything else you’d like to have out of sight when not in use.

Apartment Hacks 8: Try A Pop-Up Coffee Table

One of the best rental hacks is to have an extra workspace in your apartment is to use a pop-up coffee table. This is a great way to save space and add additional workspace to your living room. Most pop-up coffee tables also come with additional storage for you to keep your electronics, magazines, and other small items handy.

Any of these rental hacks will work to give your apartment extra space and storage. A lot of the hacks you can choose from will also serve as multiple pieces of furniture. Not only does this save you money by not having to buy different pieces of furniture, but it also allows your unique style to shine through in the pieces you choose. Whether it’s a sleeper sofa, more mirrors, or a pop-up coffee table, you’re sure to find the benefits of these tips to make your rental feel more spacious and cozy.

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