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Best Mattress Protector Buying Guide 2022 | Sleep Galleria

Best Mattress Protector Buying Guide 2022

Best Mattress Protector Buying Guide 2022

A new mattress is a significant investment in your quality of sleep, and purchasing a mattress protector is an important part of increasing the life of your bed.  That said, finding the right type of protector for your mattress can be very confusing. 

Before we get into what to look for with your new mattress protector, it's first important to know why a protector can improve your quality of sleep.  

Mattress Protector Benefits

  • Allergen Barrier:  Over the life of an unprotected mattress dust mites, pet dander, molds, mildew and sweat build up inside your bed.  These accumulations can lead to severe allergies.
  • Liquid Barrier:  Even if you are incredibly careful around your mattress the possibility of a stain is ever present.  Once a mattress has a stain it is almost impossible to get the it off of the bed.  Besides the obvious sanitary impact on your mattress these stains over time decrease the responsive of the foam layers and decrease the life of your bed by years.
  • Bed Bugs:  If you are at risk of bed bugs in your area it is possible to fully encase your mattress.  While this step does impact the ease of use of a protector, preventing dust mites from getting inside your bed can prevent large expenditures removing them from your home.  

Once you have made the decision a mattress protector is a good investment for your mattress it's time to decide what style of protector is right for you.  

Mattress Protector Types

  • 1 Sided Protector:  If you are looking to just protect the top of your mattress a single sided protector can provide just enough protection to meet your needs.  The single sided cover protects the most important part of your bed, and is the most likely area to experience stains from spills or accidents.  
  • 5 Sided Mattress Protector:  A 5 sided protector adds additional protections from spills and stains that make their way off the edge of the bed.  This is the most popular protection chosen for customers that want strong protection without some of the limiting factors of a fully encased cover.  Both the 1 and 5 sided protector 
  • Encased Mattress Protector:  A fully encased protector provides comprehensive protection beyond spills, incontinence and stains.  A fully encased protector provides additional protection against bed bugs and other allergens that can accumulate in your mattress.  While an encased protector provides the best protection, it does limit the convenience of changing the protector during regular cleaning cycles.  

Beyond the construction type of your protector you must also determine the fabric type that best suits your needs.

Mattress Protector Materials

  • Fabric Layer
    • Cotton Protector: A terry cloth cotton is the most common type of mattress protector.  A natural cotton can benefit those with sensitive skin or those that have sensitivity to other types of fabrics.  Cotton is also naturally absorbent.    
    • Polyester Protector:  Polyester combines durability and value to provide unequaled protection.  While polyester is versatile and gives great protection for the mattress, it is not moisture wicking and accidents can spread across the protector.  Some people can experience sensitivity to polyester.  
    • Tencel or Bamboo Protector:  Bamboo and tencel fabrics provide a natural option that have cooling properties and are effective at wicking away moisture.  These materials are eco-friendly and provide superior cooling features for those that sleep hot at night.  Both bamboo and tencel are naturally hypo-allergenic and have anti-bacterial properties.
    • Cooling Fabric Protector:  Specially designed fabrics are available that have additional cooling capabilities that cannot be found in natural materials.  These fabrics are perfect for people that sleep especially hot at night.  
  • Waterproof Layer
    • Vinyl Pad:  Vinyl covers provide great protection for a mattress including against spills and stains.  Vinyl is not a breathable material so it can cause you to sleep hot.  We do not recommend this option unless you are purchasing a protector for storage purposes only.
    • Polyurethane Pad:  Polyurethane is water proof just like vinyl, but a much thinner layer is required to provide the same effect.  In addition polyurethane is breathable to air molecules, which combined with the right cooling fabric is an important part of building your perfect sleep surface.  

A mattress protector is often overlooked during the mattress purchase process as we are naturally centered on improving our quality of sleep.  A mattress protector is an investment into the durability of your mattress, but also has a significant impact on the accumulation of all kinds of allergens and prevents spills and stains.  Compared to the overall cost of the mattress it is a small investment that pays off in just a few short months.  Take the time to make sure your mattress investment is a sound one and add a protector onto your purchase. 

We started Sleep Galleria to make it easy for anyone to experience exceptional sleep.  All of our relaxation and sleep related products are designed to help you be your best self.  Learn more at SLEEPGALLERIA.COM

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